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Jenn-Air Grill model 720-0163

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Expensive and Not Worth the Money


I have owned a Jenn-Air for several years and paid a very, very hefty price when it was purchased. The first item to break was the push button igniter followed a few weeks later by the LP gas regulator. Parts are almost impossible to find. Way too much money for no reliability.

Titusville, FL


Currently not working


We loved this Barbaque but this season we have not gotten it to work! We think it's the burner assembly. Its shooting fire through the control nobs. When it did work it was great, but now that we have to put more money into it not so much.

Hayden, ID


Expensive and Potentially Dangerous


*My husband and I received this Jennair Grill a couple years ago for our anniversary. We were more than pleased to receive it - We love to entertain and this was a big expensive grill that far outweighed any expectations we had as far as a gift. We were always so proud to pull that grill out and have a big  cookout for our family and friends. Jennairs are very impressive looking and we grilled up huge incredibly tasty  gourmet looking meals time after time. Then one day we had an unusually large party at our house and an equally large amount of meat on the grill when the grease ought fire and quickly became a dangerous hazard. We actually melted the siding off of part of our house before we could get it put out, and my husband singed his eyebrows, eyelashes and the hair on his arms. We felt fortunate that the situation did not get any worse. Not to mention all the ruined food that day, we have beed very reluctant to get our grill back out and  are disappointed that such an expensive grill would perform so poorly. *

Powell, TN


I thought I wanted this one Jenn Air Grill.


The Jenn Air grill 4 burner with the infrared burner in the back was all I could think of when I bought it. The gas that comes out of the bar below the grid pieces was made of bras not some cheap aluminum. And the way the bar was designed was on an angle so as to not let the grease flow back into the openings of the gas line was made me decide to buy. The problem with it is that it is clogged only after a couple of uses. I use the grill at work which is a cheap one, and it is doing the same. Something must have got into the line. They should make it with a screen in it to protect the lines. I wish I could get the flames to go higher.

Brooksville, FL


Jennair grill is a BIG fire hazard not backed by company.


We had a huge flare up coming out of our Jennair grill (720-0163) and up the front. The flames were about 15"-18" tall, and we had difficulty, due to the flames, approaching the grill to open the door where the gas tank is and shut off the gas. We feared our deck was going to go up in flames. The knobs & wiring were toast. After several months of calls & emails, the company said they would send out replacement wiring & knobs. How will that stop the fire hazard from happening again? Why isn't there a kill switch? After more conversation, the woman said they would send out a technician to install the parts even though it was out of warranty. Does that sound like a cover-up or what? We told her that we would not use it again, and it was worth more to us as scrap metal than as a grill. We want to let people know that Jennair is expensive, and the company does not back their dangerous product.

Monument, CO


Jenn-Air Grill model 720-0163

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