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Jenn-Air Gas Cooktop

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I do not recommend, downdraft pulls flame from burners!


Jenn-Air Stainless Steel 2 burner regular, 2 burner grill or griddle gas drop in cook top. This unit is very attractive, but is very hard to cook on if you want to use the fan, or the grill. The downdraft fan automatically comes on high when you use the grill side or griddle and pulls the flames from the other burners making it impossible to cook on both sides of the cook top at the same time. If you have a large family or cook a lot this would be a terrible cook top to have.  My neighbor after learning the trouble I had, bought the Bosch, the fan comes up in the back, not the middle, and you can control the speed.  So it doesn't pull the flame away from the pots. She loves a Bosch.  To do it again, I would not buy the Jenn Air, I would get a cook top with an overhead fan, or pop up back fan.

Fortuna, CA


I don't like cooking on glass


A glass cooktop? Give me a break.  I would never buy one of these for my home.  I like the natual look of an old stove.  Plus, I like to cook on gas or flames.  I have family members who have one of these cooktops and there have been many times when someone in their family goes to grab something and touches the cooktop no realizing that it is on. And besides, it looks silly.  If a kitchen is meant to be a kitchen, then it should look like a kitchen.  I think that it gets hot to quickly and changes out foods outcome is.  I like to slow cook my foods to make the taste that needs time to reveal flavors.  If you cook meet on this stove, it cooks it too quickly, even on the low setting.  It just gets too hot and stays hot too long. I would not recommend this to anyone who enjoys cooking.  The old school way is the best way to go if you are the kind of cook who enjoys making the food as well as eating the food.

Murrieta, CA


Jenn-Air Gas Cooktop

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