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Jenn-Air Designer Line Modular Electric Downdraft Cooktop

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Smoke Free with Jenn-Air


I've had my 4 burner electric Jenn-Air downdraft cooktop with grill insert for a while and love it. The grill insert isn't the easiest thing in the world to clean, but, we use it all the time especially when the weather isn't the best for grilling outdoors. The downdraft exhaust works better than any overhead exhaust system I've had in other homes and is perfect for my kitchen island location. I love that I don't have that hood hanging down in the middle of my kitchen. Would I choose Jenn-Air again--YES!

Boca Raton, FL


Jenn Air Downdraft Gas Cooktop love this cooktop


This is for the Jenn Air 5 burner gas downdraft cook-top. This cook-top requires no hood. Perfect for an island in the kitchen when you don't want a hood hanging from the ceiling. This unit has 5 burners. They are laid out with plenty of room between each for pots and frying pans. The fifth burner is one of the high output types that is perfect for boiling water in a hurry. The unit for venting sits under neath in the cabinet and then is vented through the floor to the outside. You do lose about half the cabinet space underneath, but for me this was worth it. I have an open kitchen to the dinng area, with a cantilevered bar in the island so people can sit at the bar.  So for me this was perfect. Reasonably priced compared to all the other 5 burner gas downdrafts I researched. I am very happy with this cook top. The burners are sealed so there is no pilot to go out. The grates over the burners are heavy, restaurant quality and very substantial.  The downdraft vent has 3 settings and the filter is very easy to just lift out and clean. Highly recommend!

Los Angeles, CA


A two burner cooktop for a family of 6 is a BAD idea!


I wanted a glas cooktop when we built our house almost 9 years ago, but I didn't get it. I settled for a less expensive, four burner cooktop and was promised I would get my glass cooktop the next year. I didn't. A few more years passed, and every anniversary and Christmas I reminded my husband of his promise to buy me a glass cooktop. About 4 or 5 years ago I thought for sure I was getting the glass cooktop I wanted for Christmas. I got a new cooktop that year, but it wasn't glass, and it most certainly wasn't what I wanted or needed. It's the most disappointing Christmas gift I have ever received. Instead of buying me a glass cooktop like I have been wanting for years, my husband saw a **Jenn-Air 30"Designer Line Modular Electric Downdraft Cooktop **and thought it really awesome. He liked it. Was it glass? NO. Was it anything like what I wanted? NO. Was it practical? HA! Not hardly! I hate the thing and I'll tell you why. This cooktop has two electric burners on one side, a vent in the middle, and a grill on the other side.  One of the burners is large and the other is small. My husband thought it would be awesome to grill inside. Well let me tell you when you're grilling steaks or burgers for a family of six, and you can only fit two steaks or three or four burgers at the time on the small side get the picture. It doesn't work. You can't even eat as a family. Two people get to eat at the time because their food gets cold while waiting for two more steaks to grill. That's not even the worse thing about this cooktop. For 5 years I have been cooking on a stove that has one large burner and one small burner. It's SO frustrating and SO slow and SO aggravating. I can only use one large dutch oven, frying pan, or pot at the time, which fits on the large burner, and one small pot on the back burner. How am I supposed to cook enough mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, and cubed steak for 6 people at the same time on that cooktop? I CAN'T. I spend four times longer than most people in the kitchen cooking because I only have two burners and one is a little tiny thing. Two large pots won't even fit on the stove at the same time. It's the most impractical thing for my family that my husband could have bought. Now let me tell you about my husband and the grill half on "my" cooktop. My husband has a very nice gas grill on our carport. He enjoys using it. He likes being outside. Does he ever even use the grill on the cooktop? No, of course he doesn't! That would take too much time PLUS the cleanup is horrible. The grill part has a jar thing under it to catch the grease. That's fine. The rest of it is a royal pain in the behind. To clean it you take off the top "grill" and wash it. The holes have junk all in them that are so hard to get clean.  Then you have to pull out the burner, and wipe it off. Under the burner are two very heavy black lava stone type things with handles. They are what make the food taste like it was cooked on an outside grill. The have small weird shaped holes in them and are extremely hard to get clean. It's not like you can throw them in the dishwasher...they are all greasy and gross after you use the grill. So you have to scrub them for 15 minutes each to get them clean. I get mad just thinking about it! THEN, under those heavy lava rock things is the bottom of the cooktop which is all greasy and gross. It has to wiped out and cleaned and that's not an easy job either. I mean it's a very HARD job and it's not worth the trouble. Not when there's a perfectly fine, large gas grill outside. The grill outside has two places to cook beans and such! It's more practical and useful than my inside stovetop! This stovetop makes me hate cooking. It may be okay for a single person, a 'just married' couple, a family of three, or a couple who's children have all grown up and left the house. It is not okay for a family of six or more, five, or even a family of four. The grill part of my stovetop has not been used in ages. It just sits there and collects food particles that fall through the grill, that I have to clean out. It's impossible not to get grated cheese, cereal, rice, or whatever else you happen to have on the counter beside it, to keep from falling IN the grill. I have to clean the thing even though I never use it to get the spilled junk out of it.  I really do not like my **Jenn-Air 30"Designer Line Modular Electric Downdraft Cooktop**. It's hard to clean, it only has two burners, one of which is tiny. You can't put two large pots or pans on the buners at the same time. The grill is a pain to clean and collects anything that gets near it. You can only cook 2 steaks or three or four burgers or chicken breasts on the grill at the time. It's the worst Christmas gift I ever received and I don't recommend it one little bit. I REALLY hope I get the glass cooktop I have always wanted this year for Christmas. After cooking for my family of 6, and usually one or two strays, on a stove with only two burners for all these years, I think I deserve a four burner glass stovetop! This next sentence will sum up this review perfectly.....My husband even ADMITS that the stovetop is horrible, and HE is NEVER wrong as far as HE is concerned. Yep, that says it all.

Tiny Town, GA


Jenn-Air Designer Line Modular Electric Downdraft Cooktop

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