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Jenn-Air Built-In Dishwasher

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Plastic components are not durable


Part of our newly constructed home in 2004. washes dishes well, but plastic components break/fall apart over time. i have had to replace the plastic lever to open it every year (difficult). the plastic components that hold the liner to the door are all broken. Noise Level fairly loud. Cleaning Time long time for standard wash. Loading Flexibility ok Performance cleans fairly well. Durability avoid important plastic components.



My Jenn-Air Dishwasher cleans great and is effecient for two!


I am a neat freak grandmother who has a Jenn-Air Dishwasher Model No. JDB4000AWS. I am always concerned about cleanliness and sterilization and this model had three spray arms so the dishes get sprayed from the top and the bottom with a sanitize button as well. I try to save time anywhere I can, which is why I like the Dry-Heat and the Rinse Aid features, because there is very little hand drying involved. I can use the Super Scrub wash feature on those meals I prepare that are sticky or greasy or the China/Crystal wash feature after those special occasions like Thanksgiving or Christmas. The Utensil Basket and Auxiliary Basket (used for loading miscellaneous items such as apple corer, sharp knives, or long handled utensils) are removable for easy unloading or leaves more room for loading large pots or casserole dishes. I have Stack-Racks on the upper and lower rack. They fold up or down. The upper Stack-Racks can be used for stemware, small glasses, cups, long handled utensils or hold down light weight plastic ware. The lower Stack-Racks can be used for loading more glasses. The stainless steel exterior door is easier to clean and matches my other stainless steel appliances. If I could make a few changes, I would make the upper level rack to accommodate taller glasses, such as Champagne glasses, without having to load them at an angle. Also it runs at a moderate noise level, but if it was quieter it would be fabulous. All in all it is a great dishwasher and it takes care of my two major concerns, cleanliness and sterilization.

Spring, TX


Jenn-Air Built-In Dishwasher

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