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Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators
Jenn-Air Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

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Sleek, Modern Refrigerator with Great Performance.


I've had this fridge for about three and a half years. For the most part I love it - Looks great, very few problems, no mechanical issues at all. The water filter is easy to change out, which I really like. Has some great convenience features like door and temperature alarms, pretty flexible arrangements for shelving, and ramped up ice production for parties. My biggest problem has been that it's pretty easy to over pack the top shelves, and then everything in the top third will freeze, so you have to be careful of that. I love that the water dispenser is inside the fridge because of the way it looks, but it's also kind of difficult to get a large amount of water like for a coffee pot. It is pretty easy to clean except that when you take it all apart there is a block of styrofoam in the back of the unit that doesn't come out and simply refuses to come clean at all. It's not visible once you put everything back together, but knowing that there's a spill that can't be cleaned will drive some people crazy. :) Like any stainless, it shows finger prints, but a good buffing with stainless cleaner and a soft cloth makes it shine like new again. Noise Level Very quiet, unless one of the alarms is going off :) Interior Organization Usually great, but sometimes challanging to store large things Temperature Control Top Shelves can easily freeze if overpacked Ease of Cleaning Has some styrofoam in the back behind the drawers that is impossible to clean. Durability Have had a drawer hinge break after 3 years, but not a big deal to reglue the piece. Design Beautiful Fridge!

Fenton, MO


The Jenn Air French Door Refrigerator/Freezer is top notch.


We love this stainless steel Pro, oversize refrigerator. The refrigerator accomodates large platters and bowls. The ice-water dispensor is out of the way, inside on the refrigerator wall instead of the door. Over-all, this refrigerator/freezer combination maximizes the available space.

Sandy, OR


Decent refrigerator - keeps things cold


As far as keeping food cold, this does a good job. I do find that it tends to freeze items in the refrigerator section if they are along the back wall. When the sales person sold us this appliance, he talked about how nice the refrigerator looked because it was clean and symetrically compared to refrigerators that had a water and ice cube dispenser on the outside. I wish I didn't listen to him. To use the water dispenser, you have t ohave two hands available. One to hold the glass under the spout (inside of the refrigerator on the left wall) and one hand to presh the button above the glass. There is no way to do this with one hand, so getting a glass of water becomes a big deal. The ice cubes inside of the freezer become a pain to get to as well. It does keep food cold.

Seattle, WA


A DEFINITE for everyone


If you like the look of upscale built in refrigerators, and the sleek, contemporary lines of a glass front that is standard or the classic look of matching panels to your cabinets, then this is your answer. The Jenn-Aire french door not only has filtered water and ice, you can access the water from the inside of the refrig. saving door space so you have more storage inside. The freezer has two drawers independent of each other with the ice bin on the top drawer.  There is an alarm on this refrig to let you know if there is a door that is not properly closed causing loss of coldness. The sensor beeps until the door is completely closed and functioning properly. This is not a built in unit, but it is cabinet depth and therefore gives the impression of being built in.It has the appearance of a built in without all of the headaches they cause and not the outrageous price. I have had other cabinet depth and built in refrigs. but this is by far my favorite.

Delray Beach, FL


Don't Buy This Refrigerator


Before you buy this refrigerator (Jenn Air Model JFC2089HES) call JennAir 800-688-9900 - there is a list of problems to choose from on their automated attendant, and the call picks which one they are reporting - what does that say?   One of the problems listed, and the problem I am having - the water line freezes.  I had to have it fixed twice in the first year - now that the warranty has expired, I have to pay for a service call.   The first two technicians said that this is a common problem that  they see, and it's a defect in the design.    The refrigerator is expensive, and it's not worth one penny!

Cypress, CA


Jenn-Air Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

3.4 5