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Jell-O - Sugar Free Double Chocolate

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This is great!!!!!


This is great!!!  You will never know that this pudding is sugar free.  It tastes just like the regular pudding.  Got it for my kids since it was low in sugar and tried it myself.  I eat it for dessert of just when I am craving something sweet.  Give it a try.  You won't regret it.

Paris, TN


Thick and Chocolatey


This is such a great dessert, because it is the perfect combination of thick and creamy pudding and lots of chocolate.  Jello sugar free double chocolate pudding has an amazing taste that is so good you won't miss the sugar.  I love how easy these snacks are to take places and they taste so rich and creamy.  It has a great chocolate flavor.  I like the flavor because it is a little more chocolate than regular jello pudding snacks and not quite as sweet.  Each serving is only 60 calories, so it is the perfect indulgence.  The pudding is low in fat and doesn't taste like processed pudding.  This makes a great snack to take anywhere and will satisfy any chocolate craving.

Las Vegas, NV


this pudding is pretty good...


i am a chocolate freak, but i needed to find something healthier for me to eat. As i was strolling down the aisles, i came across jello sugar free double chocolate pudding-only 60 calories too!!! Being the chocolate freak that i am, i had to get it. But i was curious on how it would taste. i mean, it IS sugar free after all! so i opened it up and ate it...it was pretty good! i like it alot but i can tell its not as thivk as my regular pudding but it does have most of the flavor!

Bridgeville, PA


It burns my throat but I like it. How does that make sense?


**To the Point**Every now and then I buy Jell-O Pudding because it is low in calories. On this trip to the supermarket I bought a couple of flavors. One 6-pack was the Double Chocolate. They are advertised on the box as being sugar free and only having 60 calories. It's amazing what I learn when I review products!**A Closer View**I usually just eat these little plastic cups of pudding without even tasting it. This is especially true if I put a little whipped cream on top! Since I knew I would be reviewing the Jell-O Double Chocolate Pudding I paid a lot of attention. I too one out of the refrigerator and peeled back the foiled top and licked the underneath of the lid. I looked at the one I was about to eat and really noticed that there were three layers. The top and bottom were a dark chocolate and the middle layer was a bit lighter thus the name Double Chocolate. These pudding have 1.5 grams of fat; 1 of which is saturated; no cholesterol; 14 grams of carbsl; ess than 1 gram of fiber; 7 grams of sugar alcohol; and 2 grams of protein. The 7grams of sugar alcohol refers to Xylitol which upsets some people's stomachs so note that ingredient. These don't bother me. The ingredients are water, food starch, xllitol (already noted), processed cocoa, milk protein concentrate, hydrogenated vegetable oil, natural artificial flavors, and artificial colors. **What I think** I think the pudding is rich, dark and creamy. At first I tasted the delicious pudding that I always taste; however, I really tasted it this time and noticed that after I swallowed it I had a slight burning sensation in my throat. Perhaps that is the xylitol which didn't bother my stomach but perhaps bothered my throat. I have another 6 pack of a different flavor which I haven't opened yet. I have a feeling it will give me that same feeling in my throat. I could say I would never buy it again but with only 60 calories it makes a good chocolate treat and I'll take the slight burning sensation! www.jello.com **Jo's Viewpoint** **I like it! in spite of the not healthy ingredients and the sensation in my throat. However, I can't justify more than 3 stars. **

Plymouth, MA


Jell-O - Sugar Free Double Chocolate

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