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Double Strollers
Jeep Wagoneer SE Tandem Stroller

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Not a great stroller


I recently gave birth to my second child a few months ago and was in need of a double stroller. I am on a budget and bought this stroller second hand. While I am happy I have a double stroller to use now, I will be buying a different double stroller as soon as possible. This stroller will get you by. This stroller does have some good storage space. I love that it has little pouches on both sides to keep small things like snacks in. It's much easier to get in those than the diaper bag shoved in the bottom basket. It is a bit hard to get the diaper bag in and out of the bottom basket. The basket does zip up the side which makes it easier to get things in and out. This stroller is so easy to open and close. You really can do it with one hand. We have a small car and really struggle to get it in the trunk. I think this will be the case with any double. The worst part of this stroller is how hard it is to steer. I have to put my whole body into each turn. Even my husband has problems turning the stroller with our kids in it. (Our kids weigh a total of about 30lbs). I will be searching for another stroller. I would only recommend this if you don't care about it being REALLY hard to push.



The Jeep Wagoneer SE Tandem Stroller is a life saver!


We bought the Jeep Jeep Wagoneer SE Tandem Stroller when i had my 2nd son to make it easier on getting two kids through the store etc and it was a life saver. For one for the price of it i think it was a great buy because for the front seat it had a steering wheel for the child to play with that kept them occupied,had two drink holders for the parents as well as a little tray that had a drink holder in it for both kids. Also the back seat will accomadate just about any infant car seat to be buckeled onto it as well as fully reclining and the front seat partially reclined which works out very well especially when your child is sleeping or getting tire while riding in it. Another good thing is underneath the seats it has a very spacious space for your diaper bag,purse,shopping bags or just whatever you need to tag along.Last but not least for each seat it also has a umbrella to shield your child from the sun etc and the back seats umbrella has a little clear viewing window for your little one since the back seat is mainly for the smallest child. I have also heard some complaining that since its so big that it was hard to push & navigate in turns,but personally i never had any issues with pushing or turning it. Also for it to be a double stroller i think it's pretty compact and also very easy to unfold and fold up when done. I have really enjoyed my Jeep Wagoneer SE Tandem Stroller and it has been a huge help when having the boys out so i highly recommend it.

Johnson City, TN


Keep on looking... don't stop here


Of all the double strollers I've used, this one was by far the worst. Let's start with the good points, though. -it folds up easily and compactly -it stands up on it's own after being folded -there is the fun steering wheel toy for the front rider.   And... that's where the good stuff ends. This stroller is almost impossible to push, extremely top heavy, not as much storage space as you would expect, sun shades are seriously lacking, and has zero manoeuvrability. I bought this Jeep Tandem Stroller for a cross country plane trip, mainly because it is easy to fold up and you don't have to take any peices off to do so. However, that trip was probably the main time it got used. Even though it was easier to mess with taking it in and out of the van, that didn't outweigh the downsides to this thing. It took some serious man-handling to push it around even the simplist, smoothest places, and turning corners? Forget it. You either couldn't do it or, if you could, you felt like it was going to topple over. Bottom line: keep looking.

Waxhaw, NC


Decent, I suppose. I've had better.


use the stroller mostly for taking walks, not running errands. It's much easier to use than the strollers I was using previously, except as others have also noted, when you have to turn. It's harder to turn the more weight that is in the stroller. It's a piece of cake if I only have my 7 month old son in the stroller. I love the extra storage space underneath. We take walks even in the winter time and I like to store extra blankets, hats and food underneath. I do wish there was a tray for the parents near the handle. I like to have my cell phone, snacks, chapstick, etc. handy without stopping and the single cup holder doesn't have enough storage. The front seat seems a little tight for an older child, but at least the seat reclines to provide more space. I haven't had to fold it up much to place in the trunk (which fits into my sedan easily), but during the times I have, I have needed help from my husband to do so. The back canopy also came loose on one side, but I am still able to use it. It's just a little wobbly.  

Northampton, PA


What a pain in the neck!


When I gave birth to our second daughter just 3 months ago, we decided to get a tandem stroller for our new baby and our 2 year old and this is the stroller we ended up purchasing. It's hell on wheels. I've read a few reviews that say you can close this with one hand. That is soooo not my experience. I go out of my way not to use it simply because it's such a hassle. It's heavy, hard to push and even harder to close. Other than the fact that its compatible with nearly all infant carseats, comes with a toy and you to only have to push one stroller, I have to say this was one of our worst investments. On one occasion I went out with my two girls by myself. I ended up having to buckle them both into the car, put on the air conditioner and spend over 15 minutes outside trying to close the stupid thing. Another time I went out with 3 other women in my family and after shopping it again took over 15 minutes to close and this time I had other people trying to help me. It's ridiculous how difficult this thing is to close. I'm not even kidding. And maybe it's light weight for a tandem stroller, I really don't know, but it's certainly NOT light weight. It does fold up fairly compact, but beyond that I simply don't see how it's worth the trouble.

San Juan, PR


Jeep Wagoneer SE Tandem Stroller

2.8 5