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Jeep Liberty Sport X All-Terrain Stroller - Sonar


Finally, one stroller does it all! The latest Jeep® Liberty Sport X accommodates over 15 different infant car seat models so you can design your own travel system! The front wheel swivels or locks for easy maneuvering, while the air-filled tires give a smooth ride on all types of surface

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Glides across any terrain, but heavy


I was drawn to the Jeep Liberty Sport X All-Terrain Stroller because I like to do a lot of hiking and figured this stroller would perform well on inclines. I have climbed steep hills and traveled across uneven dirt surfaces effortlessly with this stroller. The wheels on this stroller allow me to smoothly transition from flat to rough surfaces without waking up my niece. This stroller provides my niece with enough room to move around while still keeping her secure. She spends a lot of time playing with the steering wheel, which keeps her occupied when we go on long walks. When she gets bored I can easily retrieve the toys I stored in the roomy undercarriage. The only downside to this stroller is that it is bulky and heavy. It can be difficult to move when stationary, but once in motion the wheels delivers a steady rotation. The bulkiness does make me think twice about which car I want to use because it takes up a lot of space even when folded. Despite its wide and somewhat heavy frame I find that this is a good trade off for ultimate stability on any terrain. I definitely would recommend the Jeep Liberty Sport X All-Terrain Stroller because it can navigate across any surface while maintaining its balance and not waking up the passenger.

Westchester, IL


A walker's best friend!


The Jeep Liberty Sport X All-Terrain Stroller - Sonar is a walker's dream! I knew I wanted this stroller from the beginning, the large wheels ease the steering and provide a gentle ride for my baby. I appreciate the added on cup holders and that I can remove it if not being used. The reclining seat is perfect for a new born, or a napping child. You can adjust the seat to the position your child fits best, moving her up as she grows, up to 40 lbs. The 5 point harness buckles easily and keeps your child safe in the stroller. This has a large underneath basket for storing a diaper bag, or even a few shopping bags. I love this for shopping at an outdoor market place. The front wheel steering allows you to maneuver corners and can be locked for uneven places. It is a quite heavy stroller, which is to be expected in a quality made stroller, but it can be folded with 1 hand, just grip turn on the handle, it also folds out with one hand. I recommend the Jeep Liberty Sport X All-Terrain Stroller - Sonar to any parent who plans to spend time walking with their child.


Cool & Wonderful


Received this as a baby shower gift for my little man. It was the best gift of them all. I cannot say enough great things about the stroller. What I love: * It is lightweight, an for a mom with only one hand free most of the time, this is a feature you will appreciate. * State of the art so you can easily connect your iPod or other device for instant music and more. * Reclining sleep allows baby to coninue sleeping or sit up to explore. * Swivel front so steering the stroller is easier * Roomy inside so baby has lots of move around room. * The stroller has soft, durable padding so it is comfortable for baby. * Car seat compatible * Huge basket underneath makes it easy to carry toys, diaper bag and more. * Safety bar has a place for bottle or sippy and a colorful steering wheel toy for baby Of course the Jeep symbol and the rugged colors also make this an impressionable stroller that I love just as much as my son. The price is reasonable, the features are incredible. It doesn't get any better!

Nashville, TN


Heavy and Difficult Stroller to manage


I live in a rural area, so I wanted a stroller I could take out onto gravel or when I went into the mountains. When I purchased this stroller, I was assured it was a great stroller. After I got it home and started using it, I was not impressed. It was difficult to get the stroller to collapse and a lot of work to transport it from place to place. It was difficult to get it to fit together properly. It is also very heavy. The tires get low easily and they are difficult to properly inflate as well and blow out the tires easily. In the future, I would look for a locked-wheel version of this brand, as I have seen and heard it holds up better. The fabric held up well, but it stained easily. I had a difficult time getting milk off of the fabric. I felt for the money that the stroller should have been better. I did like the extra storage area in the bottom behind the stroller. I felt as though I could store a lot of things (diaper bag and purse) and they stayed put. The straps were easy to adjust and were easy to snap together, which was helpful. One thing I didn't like was that once my son was big enough, he was able to lean from side to side and cause the stroller to sway (which could have been a hazard if he would have cause it to tip over). The see through "sun window" was nice so that I could see my son when the visor portion was up.



Jeep Liberty Sport X All-Terrain Stroller - Sonar

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