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Jeep Grand Cherokee Stroller

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Easiest stroller I have ever used!


This is the best all around stroller I have ever owned!!! I now own two. These turn on a dime, have tons of storage compartments, lots of removable toys for the kids, and still breaks down and comes apart so easily to wash and clean. Jeep has conered the market in strollers as well. The price is very reasonable for the product. I wouldn't own any other now!! I think they are available at most department store, including wal mart and k mart. I have bought 2 , the first one I bought at a yard sale and it was older and a little beaten up, but worked great.. After I used it I went out a bought a new one. I absolutely love it. They have conered the market in my opinion.

New Port Richey, FL


the jeep cherokee sport stroller works great


this product works great anywhere i go. it is light weight and you only need one hand to fold it up. I like that i can go from concrete to grass to sand and it still goes really good. and it can hold diapers and wipes in teh side compartments. the only thing i really dont like about the stroller is the bottom storage compartment is not big enough to put his big diaper in when we happen to go out and i need it. This stroller is really duable as well i have had it for 6 months and it stil looks like it has just come out of the box. Buti also can say sometimes it is hard to steer with one hand it decides to go where ever it wants to go. It also has cup holders for teh child and for the adults and thats a good thing. My son can even eat out of his stroller cause it has a spot for finger foods to be put. This would be teh best stroller i have used out of my two kids and i love it so much i would not trade it for nothing.

Norman Park, GA


8 years later with my third child I'm still using it!


8 years later with my third child I'm still using it!  I bought this stroller 8 years ago and even though I purchased a new travel system when I had my youngest this year I still go back to this stroller for every day use just like I did 8 years ago. I kick myself for buying the new travel system and not remembering how great this stroller is! The amount of storage compartments are amazing.  The bin underneath id deep, wide and extends all the way to the front of the stroller.  My sons have always been kept entertained by the steering wheel and horn and promote some imaginative play while mom pushes. I've never had a problem cleaning it since it's got excellent fabric and comes clean easily and has never stained.  The hood is nice and long with an extra rain guard at the end.  The compartments for keys and water bottles near the handle make it extra nice.  The wheels are nice and sturdy and have never shown much wear even though they get used daily. This is the best stroller for different types of terrain, unfortunately it does not fit well in my trunk and takes up too much room so the icky travel system gets used for shopping trips.

Shawano, WI


Better than our old one


We are planning a trip to Disneyland and have a 6 month old. When we had this baby, we decided not to get the big old bulky stroller since this will be our last baby. We do have an old umbrella stroller from my last child and we've been using that. But for the Disney trip, I wanted something he could lay back in and something with a little storage under it. We found the Jeep stroller. It's ok. It gives him more room than the old one, has a little bit of storage, drink holders and is adjustable. But it's adjustable by a strap in the back so I think that's kinda cheesy. And the seat feels as if it's made out of thin presswood and I think it may be broken, I'm not sure. But for what we paid for it, it will serve it's purpose.

Mojave, CA


Jeep Grand Cherokee Stroller great for the price.


I like this stroller. It comes with 2 little detachable pockets for little items like a small purse or some car keys, a cup holder for you to put your drink in for those long walks with your little one, and it also comes with a little table and cup/bottle holder for the baby. It is very easy to steer and it strolls smoothly. Folding is very easy, just one push and side of the finger and it's folded just using one hand. Perfect for when you are traveling alone and using one arm to hold your baby. Once folded and locked it can be rolled like luggage with one hand. It is very light weight. It does recline but not to where your baby can lay down flat. Also has a bottom compartment for a purse or baby bag. My only con is that the when you remove the eating table, if your baby is a curious, active one, that likes to sit up and see everything(like mine), the straps are not that securing. I can walk through the mall and it seems like he can just lean forward and fall out when he is sitting straight up. It's never happened but can't be too sure. Overall, I like the stroller, it was just what i needed and didn't dent my pockets.

Baker, LA


Stroller works great, but hard to steer at times


I am reviewing the Jeep Grand Cherokee stroller. I really liked this stroller. I have used it for 2 kids, and the thing still looks almost brand new. The only thing I didn't like was that it was hard to steer. There were times it wanted to pull to one side, but other than that I never had any problems.

Jasper, IN


Jeep Grand Cherokee Stroller

4.5 6