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Jean Paul Gaultier
Jean Paul Gaultier LE MALE Summer Fragrance

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this smells so good


i like that its light and doesnt stain your clothes.it keeps you smelling nice and fresh all day long.i even put it in my bath water and was wondering if they have a bodywash and soap. and i also like that it is not pricey and when you buy the set you sometimes gives you a free gift as a thank you for purchasing the product.i also like the womans double sided fragrance for my mom and sister.so if there are any new products coming out please keep me informed in my email

Central Islip, NY


Light and Heavy


JPG is one of my favorite colognes. When I heard they released a summer version I was not really into trying it. I like my cologne to be heavy. My roomate, however, liked his light, so he went out and purchased this one. I saw it in the bathroom and sneaked a few squirts. I thought it smelled great, and the lightness of it was appropriate with the heat.

Wynnewood, PA


Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male is an excellent cologne


Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male is a cologne I highly recommend. I have been wearing this cologne for almost two years now and I am always being complemented on the scent of this cologne. I get anything from "smelling sexy" to the "scent is a big turn on" to "that's a very nice scent you have on. What is it?" lol. The price for the cologne is about average but its definately worth the money. The big size bottle will last you for quite a while. It's not a strong scent but rather light. It's a nice fresh clean scent that makes you feel so good and clean throughout the day. With some colognes with just after one spritz the scent of the cologne can be overbearing and smelling tacky. But with Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male just two spritzes is just the right amount and will last all day. I have bought many different brands of colognes throughout the years and I would have to say that I rank Jean Paul Gaultier in the top three colognes. So go out there and buy this cologne.

Woodhaven, NY


Jean Paul Gaultier sticks again


I have been a fan of the Jean Paul Gaultier line for years. My boyfriend has numerous body shaped bottles sitting on his dresser. I even have two of Jean Paul Gaultiers female versions. The smell is very light and airy. I would definitely consider Jean Paul Gaultier LE MALE to be a summer fragrance. The hints of vanilla and mint make it a little different from the other ones from this particular brand but that is why I liked it and bought it for my boyfriend. My boyfriend loves all kinds of colognes. This one is not his favorite but he does enjoy wearing it every once in awhile. The design on the bottle is unqiue. It sets it apart for the other body shaped bottles from this collection. I look at it and think of being on vacation on some island. The price is also pretty average for this particular size bottle. If you are looking for a nice summer fragrance this one is the one for you. You will not be disappointed.

Shirley, NY


Summer sure smells good to me!


Although I did not purchase this scent (yet:) I still felt the need to pass it along because after sampling it the fragrance stuck with me.....in a good way. Le Male in original form has been around for some time and the summer version stands well with the original offering a light and cool alternative for the summer moods. With it's earthy herbal minty-fresh scent Le Male would make a soft yet bold statement! **Notes:**Mint. Lavender. Vanilla. Bottom Line: If I had to smell like summer this would be my choice and will be my choice on the next shopping trip!

Washington, DC


Jean Paul Gaultier LE MALE Summer Fragrance

3.8 5