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Judy Sheppard Missett's Super Session Jazzercize is the best.


Judy Sheppard Missett's Super Session Jazzercize Stretch and Tone is really great. It is the first workout video I can actually do all the way through.  I'm thin anyway but I don't know a lot of workout videos are hard and I get worn out or bored before the end of the video.  This one I can do most of and keep up and actually try to do it on a regular bases. I have done it before where I would do it two times a week. It would give me a focus and make me smile and kind of get away from things for a while. At the end I would be a little tired but mostly refreshed. It focuses mostly on stretching and toning the mucsles so it goes all over your body in the 30 minute time. It really makes the body look toned and a lot better.  If you are looking for more of extreame excercising then this is not for you, unless you use it like a warm up for something else. If you aren't use to excercising then this is a good place to start.  I don't excercise that often so when I found this one it got me more into doing things like that.

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