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Jason Natural Cosmetics
Jason Natural Cosmetics Vitamin E with A&C Shampoo

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Great Natural Product


I love Jason Natural Cosmetic's products. This brand is one of my "go-to" products. Since growing older my skin has become sensitive to a lot of products on the market. Jason Natural's shampoo is natural enough that I never have any reactions to the ingredients. The vitamin E is moisturizing and I love that the shampoo provides neccessary vitamins that others often overlook. Since using this shampoo I have noticed my hair becoming healthier. During these cold weather months my hair tends to get dry. The vitamin E seems to keep moisture in my hair without using other products. It's almost a if the shampoo helps penetrate and addresses my hair needs. I am a fan of the shampoo.

Jacksonville, FL


Love Jason Natural Vitamin E shampoo. Effective and no chemicals


I love using Jason Natural Vitamin E with A&C shampoo.  It is effective and i can be confident that there is nothing added that could be potentially harmful and unneccessary.  I am a fan of all Jason products.

Ronkonkoma, NY


good shampoo


Jason's Pure, Natural & Organic Vitamin E with A & C Shampoo is one great product.  I like the Jason brand.  It is natural, organic, safe and can be trusted. Jason does not test on animals.  And the product is bio-degradable.     My hair looks, smells and feels great after I shampoo it with Jason's.  It is a body enhancing shampoo.  This shampoo does not contain conditioners.  There is a Jason conditioner that compliments this shampoo.  I do not have this conditioner and I do not condition after shampooing with this shampoo.  It does not seem necessary.  My hair does not dry out and it looks and feels like I have conditioned even if I have not. This shampoo lathers well and I use it all over my body, not just on my hair.   A little goes a long way.  It seems that I have had this shampoo for  months and I still have about half of a container left.  I like Jason's.  I like the products, the ingredients, the philosophy etc etc etc.  I feel safe and comfortable using the Jason Brand.  I recommend the brand.  And I highly recommend Jason Vitamin E with A & C Shampoo.        

Austin, TX


Jason Natural Cosmetics Vitamin E with A&C Shampoo

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