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Jason Natural Cosmetics
Jason Natural Cosmetics Natural Products Only! Mild Conditioner 8 Oz For Kids

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Jason Kids Conditioner - Natural AND Effective


Sometimes when you buy natural products, you never known if they're going to work as well as their chemical laden alternatives. Well, Jason's Kids Natural Mild Conditioner is not only made with natural ingredients, but it works amazingly well! This is proof that you don't need harmful chemicals to have a really effective product. My daughters long hair is prone to tangle, but this Jason's Kids conditioner really helps it to be tangle free, soft, and smooth. It also smells really wonderful. A little bit goes a long way, so even though you will pay more for this than other more mainstream brands, a bottle will probably last you a long time. I also love that I can look at the ingredient label and not see some of the toxic substances that our family is trying to stay away from, and instead see things like sunflower, orange, and grapefruit. This is one of my favorite natural kids products!



Jason Kids Conditioner is a great conditioner.


Jason Kids Conditioner is a great conditioner that you can feel good about using on your children's hair. In a world where so many of the products that you find at the store can be downright dangerous to use, it is nice to know there are some things that are safe AND effective! My children all have thick, curly hair. My daughter's hair is also long, and having a good conditioner is a necessity! We started using Jason Kid's Conditioner on her as soon as her hair got long and thick enough to and have used it for years! We have tried other conditioners on her, but for the price and safety, I feel this is a great value for the money. Her hair was always been smooth and shiny while using this product. Unfortunatly, I have only been able to find it in small bottles, and it is hard to find in our area. I usually end up ordering from vitacost.com when I buy it. Those are really the only negatives I can think of about it though. I highly reccomend it if you are looking for a natural conditioner that really works well for children.

Portland, TN


organic wonderland


i am a big supporter of organic food and all natural products so when i saw this product i decided to get it for my daughter. i can say that sarah got the same results as when i was using pantene on her head. her hair has grown a lot since i started buying jasons in our house.

Decatur, GA


Jaspn Natural Conditioner for kids is wonderful!!


Jason Natural Conditioner allows me to feel comfortable when my children use this product because their hair is soft and tangle free..and it all natural!!!!!   This product does not require "a handful" to be productive..just a dab will do.   Rinses away easily and does not leave hair looking weighted down or oily. Reasonably priced.  Excellent results after first use!!!

Springfield, MO


Jason Natural Cosmetics Natural Products Only! Mild Conditioner 8 Oz For Kids

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