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Jason Natural Cosmetics
Jason Natural Cosmetics Jason Tea Tree Shampoo

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Excellent shampoo for dandruff scalps


I have used this for years as I have curly hair and only wash it 1-4 times a week. This shampoo is excellent as cleaning the build up off of my scalp. It is a bit drying as I have elbow length curly, fine hair but a lot of it. I try to use it no more than twice a week and I will sometimes use a gentler shampoo on my ends. My husband has starting using this because I told him it would fix his dandruff and he could stop using the chemicals in the other traditional dandruff brands. Within a couple weeks he no longer had dandruff. He has been using the product now for about 2 years and is very happy with it. He insists that we have it anytime we travel and will never switch brands. This is an excellent, effective and eco friendly product. We highly recommend it!

New York, NY


Smells good, Feels good, just not so sure it does what it says..


I bought this shampoo for a couple reasons.. First off, I was at the start of my quest to use better-for-me cosmetics and products. This has different stamps for being organic and kind to animals, etc. so that was what originally drew me to this product. When I decided on Jason and was looking at the different ones they had to find one that was best for my hair and scalp, I ended up choosing this Tea Tree blend- I have a really dry scalp and issues on that front, and so I was hoping that the promise that Tea Tree oil would help regulate my scalp and take care of what issues I was having... I also got the matching Tea Tree Conditioner to help. I used it for a good period of time and it did nothing to help with my scalp. I ended up trying something different, which helped better than this product. It smells good, and I don't doubt its better for people.. animals.. and the environment, but if you want to get this Tea Tree blend to help with your scalp issues, then keep looking and find something else. This didn't help me at all in that department!

Round Lake, IL




I am a natural, organic, green-friendly person.  I purchased this shampoo as I love tea tree oil and I have a need to balance my scalp in order for my fine hair to look decent and to avoid itchy dry scalp.  All I can say is....wow.  How could something so "natural" cause such a horrible reaction?  I broke out in hives for a week so bad that I couldn't even work.  I know that it was the shampoo that was the culprit because I took it to a biofeedback specialist and they identified it as the cause.  When they looked at the ingredients they ended up not being so "natural" after all.  I am not allergic to anything until now.  I would say if you have any kind of allergies, be careful about Jason products.  I still, unfortunately didn't pinpoint which unnatural ingredient caused the problem but I know it's not the tea tree oil because I use it in many of my other cosmetic products.  If I could sue for pain and suffering......just kidding.  I'm not hateful.  I just don't like this stuff.

Charleston, TN


Jason Natural Cosmetics Jason Tea Tree Shampoo

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