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Jason Natural Cosmetics
Jason Natural Cosmetics Conditioner Thin To Thick 8oz

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Good, Not Great


As I am entering into my thinning hair years (far too early for my liking, also), I decided to look into some of the easier options that might buy me some time. Jason products generally get pretty good reviews overall, so I thought I would give it a go. It was also convenient that the product is available at Whole Foods as well as the organic section of my local supermarket. So, having used the product for the better part of a year now, I notice no significant change in my hair. The product cleans well, though does not lather nearly as well as other shampoos (there is probably a special lathering chemicals they use). I had previously had some dandruff issues, which were resolved with T-Gel and I continued using standard dandruff shampoo. I then started using this shampoo, and my problems have not returned, so that's a good sign. So, as someone whose hair is just starting to thin, I continue to use it. Perhaps no change is a good thing when change usually means less hair?

Beverly Hills, CA


interesting smell, not long lasting conditioning


For sure, the smell of this conditioner is very interesting. It's almost like a medicated lavender smell. I was having some issues with my hair thinning out - I think because of stress - so I stopped using my usual aveda conditioner and switched to this brand that I found in my healthfood store (or wholefoods, trader joe's etc). I don't know if it thickened my hair. I have very frizzy hair that breaks easily and I live in a humid climate so I need good conditioning. This conditioner did condition my hair just fine. My hair was soft after showering and the conditioning lasted for about a day and a half before the frizz started coming back. So although my hair did not thicken, it also did not fall out as rapidly. So in the end this is a good conditioner, but not for what it's meant to do according to the label. It's good for strengthening the hair and it's decent as far as conditioning. But it's not great for thickening.

Houston, TX


Jason's Natural Cosmetics Conditioner Thin to Thick was ok.


I tried Jason's Natural Cosmetics Conditioner Thin to Thick product because my hair has always been on the thin side and I was hoping to change that. I have used a few products that claim to transform thin hair into thick hair and I think we have extensions available and widely used because it's hard to thicken hair. Some people, like me, seem to naturally have thinner hair and there's not a lot that one bottle can do about it. I liked using Jason's Thin to Thick, looking at it just as a conditioner, but I didn't see any change in the amount or volume of my hair so only gave it 3 stars. As a conditioner, Thin to Thick is fine. As a hair transformer, I didn't feel that what the product claimed to do was accomplished so probably will not use it again. I only used one bottle so don't know if there's a more dramatic change when it's used over a longer period of time but I didn't see my hair go from "Thin to thick".

San Antonio, TX


Love Jason products


I love that It is generally made up of natural ingredients! I also have never used something that made my hair so strong and smoothe. I can find this anywhere i go so if in am closer to  one store i can stop in there rather than have to drive around looking for a place that carries it! It is also in my budget range which is perfect!

Reno, NV


Jason Natural Cosmetics Conditioner Thin To Thick 8oz

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