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Jason Glowing Apricot Hand & Body Lotion

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smells awesome


JASON makes some good products. I don't buy from them much be be honest but when I do i am always happy with my purchase. They make a wide variety of products for your skin and for someone who wants to maintain proper skincare, JASON is at the very least a well-known brand and name. They are regularly available at stores, although not as popular as some of the bigger names. This natural apricot hand and body lotion works well for my hand and body, which are the target areas for the lotion. This is not a facial lotion. The smell is just really great, it does smell like apricots and I really love the scent. If you for some reason dislike apricots or apricot scents then this is definitely not going to be for you. I do not think many people fall in that category though.

South Pasadena, CA


smells so good!


I originally bought this lotion because my husband kept saying he didn't like the smell of some of the other stuff i had been using. I ordered this online and had never smelled it before, so I was crossing my fingers, waiting for it to arrive, and I was pleasantly surprised! The scent is nice and fruity, but not too heavy. I have purchased other jason brand items and so I knew that I would probably like it! They tend to have good quality health and beauty items and this lotion is no different. I use lotion every day and know that it's important to choose carefully when you are applying things to your skin because what goes on the skin, sinks into it! While I may have to forgo some organic stuff because of the price, that is not the case with this product because it is reasonable!

Linn Creek, MO


Jason Natural Apricot Hand & Body Lotion, a little harsh on skin


I've used plenty of the Jason products in the past. The Jason Natural Apricot Hand and Body lotion that I purchase was sold in a two pack. The hand was bottle said that this product could also be used as a face wash. I think the hand wash works nicely for hands but is too harsh for a face wash. I found that when used on the face it striped the oils from the skin. I have very dry, sensitive skin so I really have to be careful with what I use. I also noted that this product contains wheat germ, which I can be a problem for people with gluten/celiac issues. The lotion is a little thinner than I prefer. I find I like the Jason fragrance free lotion better. This product contains almond oil, which could be a problem for those with a nut allergy. The apricot smell is pleasant and reminiscent to me of the St. Ives Apricot scrub that my grandmother always put in my Christmas stocking every year.

Mechanicville, NY


This is a great lotion that will leave your skin very soft.


I love fruity scented body care products, so when I was picking out a new body lotion by **JASON**, I decided on the **JASON Natural Apricot Hand & Body Lotion**. After using the lotion several times, I have learned these two things: One, I absolutely love the consistency of the lotion.  It is thin but rubs in completely, leaving your skin very soft and moisturized.  It is one of the best lotions I have used in a long time.  It's not waxy or greasy at all.  The second thing I have learned is that the smell is way too sweet!  It's almost sickening.  I use the lotion because it works so well, but the scent is starting to give me a headache. The **JASON Hand & Body Lotions **are also available in the following scents and/or formulas: - Cranberry - Aloe Vera - Cocoa Butter - Natural E.F.A. (Essential Fatty Acids) - Glycerine & Rosewater - Vitamin E **JASON **makes a full line of all natural facial and body care products like: deodorant, shampoo & conditioner, make-up remover pads, facial cleansers & moisturizers, concentrated creams and more. **The Scoop!** I would have given this product 5 stars had the scent not been so overwhelming.  I love strong, fruity scents and even this lotion is too strong for me.  I will definitely try a different **JASON Hand & Body Lotion** in the future.

Camp Lejeune, NC


Jason Glowing Apricot Hand & Body Lotion

4.3 4