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Janssen -Cilag
Janssen -Cilag Imodium Plus

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Calm your upset system down with Imodium Plus.


I've been vacationing in Mexico for several years in a row now so it was a huge surprise to myself, my husband, and our very good friend who was rooming with us when we all wound up with severe stomach cramps and diarrhea. Cozumel uses purified water even for ice cubes, so we had no clue what happened to us. The bottom line was that a few of our vacation days were compromised... some more than others. I had just one horrible day, but my good friend couldn't eat and had to stay near a bathroom for almost the whole week. I decided to pick up a package of *Imodium Plus* at one of the "Pharmacias" that we walked past while buying gifts for our friends. Within an hour my digestive system was under control. The active ingredients in *Imodium Plus* are supposed to help to stop diarrhea and eliminate gas. It temporarily stops the involuntary contractions of the intestines to allow things to firm up and calm down. I can report that it worked very quickly to calm down my upset system. I only had to take it for about 2 days until things were under control. It took my good friend almost a week of taking this product to get her bowels under control. If you have uncomfortable diarrhea, you really can't go wrong by using *Imodium Plus*. It will slow down your bowels and prevent uncomfortable gas. I hate to admit that I have experienced Montezuma's Revenge, but this product helped me to enjoy my vacation nonetheless. Recommended! Effectiveness This product definitely helps to alleviate intestinal distress. You might need to take another tablet or two after the initial dose of 2 tablets, but it definitely gets the job done. Ease of Use It is simple to use this stuff: you just take 2 tablets with a glass of water initially and then take another tablet every 4 hours until things calm down shall we say. Immediacy This product will help to alleviate painful cramps and diarrhea within an hour of taking the first 2 tablets.

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Janssen -Cilag Imodium Plus

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