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Janome Memory Craft Computerized Sewing Machine

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user friendly


The Jamone 10000 is by far the best sewing/embordery machine I have ever used.  This machine is user friendly. I have never used a sewing machine before purchasing this machine. but I have used others after my purchase.  No compairison! I have owned this machine for approximately 8 years and besides yearly maintenance like cleaning, oiling and light maintenance I have not had to have this machine serviced. Unlike other machines the embrodery madual is built in, no other pieces to lug, store or attach.

Pittsburgh, PA


I absolutely love Janome sewing machines. Very durable.


I have been sewing for the public for about 30 years.  I acquired my first Janome sewing machine about twenty years ago.  Since then, I have updated to a newer model three times. These machines are very durable and reliable.  They do wonderful domestic sewing, embroidery and monograming. I now use a Janome Memory Craft 10000 and have onle had to have it cleaned and serviced.  I do this about once a year to keep in it top running condition.  It is very easy to change stitches and thread. I do alterations for people and it does the work quite beautifully.  I used to do a lot of weddings, costumes and regular sewing for people in all walks of life.  I am a lot older now, and just mainly do alterations for a local dry cleaners.  I have about a half dozen customers that I have hung on to over the years.  They depend on me and my trusty sewing machine a great deal. I have found over the years, that this is a lost art and I could stay busy all the time.  I have enjoyed my line of work tremendously and having a capbable and reliable sewing machine has definitely been a plus.  I would recommend this sewing machine to any serious seamstress.

Somerset, KY


Beautiful Professional style embroidery


The Janome Memory Craft 10000 or 10001 is my 4th Janome embroidery machine.  I wouldn't buy any other brand.  These machines really hold their value.  I got what I paid for on each machine, when trading up to a new one.  I do use a locally owned dealer, not the internet.  This machine is hooked up to my computer by a USB cord, allowing me to send the embroidery designs from my computer directly to my machine, without first dumping to a memory card.  The machine has hundreds of built in stitches, although, I can honestly say, I only use a few.  It has many nice automatic features for traditional sewing, like the built in buttonholes, blind hem and stretch stitches.  Of course, it has the automatic needle threader and removable free arm, that you would expect on a top of the line machine.  The tension sets automatically, and you never need to adjust it.  It has many accessory feet included, that store neatly in the top of the machine or in the tool box in the free arm section.  I love the knee lifter, that gives you a free hand when pivoting, or starting and ending sewing.  The needle up/down feature is very nice, too.  Wouldn't be without that ever. I do mostly embroidery with my machine, preferring to emborider on ready-made items, rather than constructing them myself.  I have thousands of designs stored on my computer that I can pull up to sew.  Embroidering is really quite easy, once you learn a few tricks.  Preparation of the design and proper hooping of the fabric can make or break the embroidery.  But when you get to the machine part, that is easy.  You decide where you want the design to start, move the hoop up or down with arrow keys, and start.  When it finished a color, the machine will beep, you change the thread color, and hit start.  The display tells you how many colors, how many  stitches in each segment, and how long it should take to do the design.  It beeps again, when it is done. The machine, as all my Janome's have been, is extremely reliable.  I have never needed service on any of my Janome machines, and I sew much more than the average person.  These are really well built.

Elburn, IL


Best machine I have owned


I have the Janome 10001 - and it is truly the best machine Janome ever made. Mine sews like sewing thru butter - and never have had a problem with its sewing or embroidery.  I also own the Babylock Ellisimo which I like a lot - but overall I still think my Janome 10001 is the best overall. It is user friendly, good threader, the embroidery is very nice. GREAT machine!!!!!

Woodland Park, CO


Goes the Distance


I have owned my 10 000 for 6 years. I love everything about this machine! I have never had a problem with fabrics catching in it. The auto-threader is a DREAM. I have sewn everything from faux leather upholstery material to organza with this machine. I am not a professional seamstress, but with the easy to use features of this machine I have altered 2 wedding dresses for friends and I have hemed numerous pants and skirts. The features are too numerous to list but I especially enjoy the bobbin-winder, auto-threader and the ability to use my own designs for custom embroidery. The machine is so wonderful it literally runs without me! I love how I can just thread in whatever color of embroidery thread for a design, hit start and let it run on it's own until the color needs to be changed. Another nice feature is that it stops if a thread breaks or runs out. (the 9000 did not do that). I think this machine is an excellent value for the cost. I really recommend you get it if you do anything more than basic stitches.

Athens, GA


It's all you need- all in one!


The Janome Memory Craft 10000 is an all in one machine.  It sews, embroiders, and works like a champ. I have had mine for about 6 years, and I have put it through the wringer. I sew a lot.  I used to sew professionally, and this was the only machine I used during that time.  I made everything for blankets to wedding dresses using this machine.  It runs quiet, and pretty fast.  The embroidery stitches vary and are great for any sort of project. The electrical cord and foot petal detach for each storage and transportation. The arm detaches as well.  The arm opens up and has storage spaces for additional feet, as well as space for small tool (like a screw driver) and extra bobbins. The only thing I don't care for is that the bobbins. The bobbins that this machine requires can be hard to find.  I found them at and bought about 30 of them, so I don't have to hunt around town for them.  Overall- this little work horse gets a sold 4 stars. I have mine serviced twice a year and I know that is will last me at least another 6 years (hopefully more!)

San Diego, CA


Janome Memory Craft Computerized Sewing Machine

4.8 6