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Janome Memory Craft Computerized Embroidery & Sewing Machine

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Great machine, little price.


I just got the Janome 200e. I couldn't be happier. After two hours, one broken needle and one birds nest, I had embroidered the most beautiful butterfly in no time! The design field is bigger than I thought which makes me very happy. This machine is very user friendly and a steal for the price. For a beginner in embroidery, this machine cant' be beat. IMHO Janome is the "Honda" of sewing machines, great quality, reasonable price and holds its value.

Richmond Hill, GA


The Janome Craft 200E machine has been a pleasure to operate and


The Janome Craft 200E has been really easy to use with no start-up instruction. I have never used one before. I put the material and stablizer in hoop and put it on machine, selected a picture to do and pushed start. It tells you what thread color to use and when to use it. It is easy to change the thread and contunine the design. It has 70 built in designs and the ability to add more with the software for designs. There are also programs you can buy at a reasonable price to put on a flash drive for speciality designs.  It was a pleasure to use. I do not think you could get a better make starter machine than the Janome Craft 299E. I make a lot of pillows for children. I do 10 or 12 a day. This is not alot to do in one day. I also do Fall wall hangings on it. I couldnt be more satisfied with  any machine. They are made of metal parts and for very reasonably priced. My next machine will be an up-grade of the Janome .

Oakdale, TN


Janome Memory Craft Computerized Embroidery & Sewing Machine

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