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Janome Mechanical Sewing Machine

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The Janome 405 is a good sturdy maching


I've had the Janome 405 for about 5 years, it was a gift from my sister.  I've used it to make things like baby clothes, boys and girl clothes, handbags, quilts (up to full size),  curtains- lined and unlined -and many other household items.  The Janome 405 is very simple, just a few stitches and very simple adjustments for tension.  My daughter who is only 10 sews on it regularly. Although I have quilted on it, I use cotton batting instead of high loft batting and I use a walking foot.  When I've sewn on slick fabric, like a velvet costume for a play, I just made sure I used LOTS of pins so that the fabric didn't shift.  It is very easy to thread and to put the bobbin in.  At times I've had trouble with the tension, but after playing with it, I get it right for the fabic.  This model is discontinued, however if  you can find it used and at a decent price it would be a great machine to do all kinds of household sewing. 

Victoria, TX


Decent machine for the domestic sewer.


I bought this machine a couple of years ago with the desire to be able to do light-duty sewing--garments and embellishments, mostly.  Since then, however, we bought a new house, and I've been making lined window treatments for it.  I have found this machine to do much better with few layers and lighter-weight fabrics.  It often gets bogged down with the thicker drapery fabrics, especially when I'm working with lining and interlining or trims.  I think it's an excellent value for garment sewing, but it is not intended for heavy-duty projects.  I don't feel disappointed because it works well for its intended purchase.  I would recommend this product to others for sewing garments and light-weight fabrics. 

Mogadore, OH


Janome Mechanical Sewing Machine

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