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Janome Hello Kitty Mechanical Sewing Machine

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Fun looking & easy to use


I was sold on the design when I bought this, its so cute! Many different stitch options. Maybe not the best machine for a beginner because of all the options & the pedal is a little too powerful and can easily triggers to run too quickly. The price made for a great value. Ease of Use Not beginner friendly Fabric Handling Great with most fabric Design Adorable


Monticello, MN


Girly cute, but a hard worker!


This is one of the best sewing machines I have ever owned. The color and style is very modern, but playful and it works great! Stitch Performance I specifically wanted something that would sew well on denim and this does the job. Ease of Use Easy enough for a child to use. Fabric Handling Sews well on all types of fabric. Works well on thick denim. Versatility This sewing machine has enough variety of stitches without being confusing. Easy to hem, sew on a button and do most any day to day sewing. Design Very, very cute! I love the turquoise color and the Hello Kitty logo! Durability The sewing machine has a nice heft to it and it built very sturdily.


Waukegan, IL


Great for portability-very kid friendly.


Teaching my niece how to sew on this machine. It works great, and offers the same Janome quality I've come to expect. Stitch Performance It offers the many basic stitches, which is great for a beginner's variety. Ease of Use Janome is great about making user-friendly sewing machines. This one is no exception. Fabric Handling I've stitched fabrics ranging from cotton to minky, and they've all turned out great on here. Any problems I have had were due to my chosen thread. Versatility You can use this machine for many different projects, but basic stitches and sewing projects are best on this machine. Design It's greatest appeal is to the kids. My niece looks forward to coming over just so that she can sew on this machine. Durability I've always had good luck with Janome's. Thus far, this machine is no different.




Handy little machine for a beginner or Hello Kitty fan


I started sewing with this machine. It's been very sturdy and durable, and has as many features as a beginner could want - 3 different stitch sizes, zig-zag stitches, etc. - and is nice for small spaces like a studio apartment. It's been pretty easy to find replacement or supplemental parts because it's a well-known brand (zipper feet, etc.). For a young child or beginner, I think this would be a great gift - though as you get more skilled you might find it a little too limited. Ease of Use A bit small (3/4 size or so) so maneuvering a large piece of fabric like clothing or a large bag can be a bit awkward. Durability I wouldn't carry it by the handle for long - it's a bit flimsy.


Los Angeles, CA


Great starter sewing machine for a young girl!


I too was drawn in my the design.  The color!  The kitty!  What is not to love?  Is it the most complex sewing machine, with a million different stitches?  No.  Will it hem a skirt or let you create some adorable crafts?  Heck yes!  I am a midrange seamstress.  I can sew well enough to get by, and craft when I have the time.  A machine like this would be perfect for the occasional seamstress or crafter or even a teenage girl to learn upon!  I personally think this would be a great item to give to a young girl just learning to sew.  It is relatively easy to set up if you are familiar with sewing machines to start with, and it has just enough options to keep it fun and fresh!  The price is also an attractive point, as sewing machines can run high depending on how many options you want or require. It is also a great size for taking it with you if need be!  Or even for a younger adult to move on their own with ease.  At the end of the day, this is much cuter than your average sewing machine, and it sews well.  


Fairborn, OH


Janome Hello Kitty Sewing Machine perfect for cute crafting


I really like this sewing machine.  I am not a big sewer, but I am a HUGE Hello Kitty fan, so of course I had to try it.  It is a small machine but it's perfect for me since I am kind of a newbie to sewing, and I don't need to use it very often and I only need the basics. To test it out I used a scrap piece of fabric.  I thought it was very easy to use and got used to it right away.  I sewed a little heart in the fabric. The machine was a little hard to set up at first, but the instructions were understandable. I was surprised that the machine had so many stitches because it is so small.  But I like the variety of the stitches. The machine itself has a very cute design.  It is light blue and has a large Kitty face on it.  It is also decorated with cherries.  The cuteness is a big plus.   All in all this machine is cute, easy to use, and convenient.  Probably not for a serious sewer (it's not going to help you quilt anything, lol) but it's good for the basics and for beginners (like me).


Columbus, OH


The Janome 11706 Hello Kitty Machine is PERFECT!


My daughter received this little Janome Hello Kitty sewing machine as a Christmas Present a few years ago. (She was 6). When I opened it I thought it was a toy until I noticed the brand. I was still skeptical assuming that Janome had migrated into the toy business. I was completely wrong, this is a fantastic little machine. It does have limited function but it's Super easy to use and sews beautifully. In fact I keep it filled with white thread and have used it myself several times for quick fixes. It's also the machine I travel with if I need to take a machine on the road. It's very heavy duty yet simple enough for my daughter with limited experience to use with ease. In fact at the quilting club in my area several of the women use this machine to bring along with them because it's so much less bulky. I would highly recommend this machine for anyone looking for a childs first sewing machine. Don't waste your money on a toy when you can get a machine that they can use for years!!


Wasilla, AK


Cute and speedy. . .


*I am a seamstress and i really needed a reliable sewing machine last year but the budget was so tight. I went and go window shopping to many different stores and different brands and style of sewing machines. I am a fun loving person despite of my busy shcedule at work. Then i saw this sewing machine with little Hello Kitty buttons and some flowers around it. And the green colored sewing machine is very very unique. It makes my job a fun loving task instead of thinking i have to beat up myself in sewing hard because the sewing machine right in front of me is a little cutie thing with some hello kitty buttons smiling at me. * *It sew faster than my old sewing machine. Very nice. Not much problem yet for me using it for about one year now and using it from Monday to Friday for eight hours a day. The downside that i experience though is that the bobbin winder sometimes has a problem. I may need to buy a separate bobbin winder very soon. Also the noise is superb. But it is okay as long as it sews good then that is what matters. *  


Oxford, MS


Janome Hello Kitty Mechanical Sewing Machine

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