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Janome Electronic Sewing Machine

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Great machine!


My husband bought this one for me several years ago. I had asked for the Janome Sew Mini but the saleswoman talked him into a higher end model. All I basiclly wanted it for was to sew on the greeting cards that I make but i did end up using it to make a few valances, do a little mending, etc. It works like a charm and the only trouble I have had with it has been my own fault - setting the stitches too small for the fabric, misadjusting the tension, stuff like that. I do still sew mostly on paper and card stock and haven't had any problems with that at all.

Concord, NC


Great Machine for All Projects & Sewing Levels!


When I was shopping for a sewing machine, I wanted one that was easy to use, didn't have a lot of computerized parts and was durable enough to work with denims and heavy canvas. This machine boasted all those traits and has lived up to the bill. I have worked with all types of fabric from fleece to denim, jersey to flannel and had wonderful results with the Janome 2139 machine. The self threading feature is fantastic and the settings are easy to use. All the settings are adjusted by knobs so there's no worry of computer parts frying out. I've used this machine for utility projects like diaper bags and burp cloths, for home decor projects of curtains and mending of kids clothes and it has proven a wonderful machine.

Binghamton, NY


Janome Electronic Sewing Machine

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