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Janome Computerized Sewing Machine

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Easy to Use Machine


After much research, this machine appeared to be the most long lasting at an affordable price. It went above and beyond my expectations. It is very simple to use and figure out, especially for a beginner. The foot is easy to change, though I fear that constant use may cause breakage to the foot because of the pull/push removal system. The machine threads easily and the bobbin is a breeze. Though there are a lot of stitching options, I've stuck with the basics for the most part, but I am pleased with them all!



A good mid range sewing machine with a few flaws


Every since I was a little girl I loved using my mom's simple New Home sewing machine. When I got my own sewing machine, I wanted to find the closest machine to the one I had used and loved for so many years. Since New Home were taken over (or changed their name to) Janome I knew I would go for one of them. I was looking for a basic to mid range machine. I ended up with a Janome DC3050. While I believe the DC3050 is a fairly good machine, I was still a bit disappointed. I suppose they saying is true "they don't make them like they used to." Good points: it is a very easy to use machine. It is easy to thread and change the bobbin. The instructions are clear. The settings are very logical and don't take a rocket scientist to figure out. Selecting the desired stitch, length, and density of stitches is quite simple. There are a number of fun stitches, but for the most part this machine is good for the basics. Bad points: the DC3050 isn't as sturdy as other machines I have used. It feels a bit plasticy and cheap. I miss that little compartment to store bobbins, seam ripper, etc. that most (even entry level) machines used to have. Now it seems like only the very expensive models have this feature. If I changed one thing about the DC3050 it would be adding that drawer. The space is there- why can't they make it useful. Also, my mom's old New Home (that was a lower level machine than the DC3050) had space at the top for the feet you weren't using. This machine doesn't have anywhere to store the extra pieces. I switch feet quite often and don't like having to store them elsewhere. Last complaint: on a few occasions, when using the "reverse" stitch button, the machine would "eat" my fabric. Perhaps I am asking too much from my machine. I might have given the Janome DC3050 a 3.5, but it isn't good enough for a 4 in my book.

San Antonio, TX


Janome Computerized Sewing Machine

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