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Janome Computerized Embroidery & Sewing Machine

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I purchased this machine in October 2007. The machine embroiders just fine but the sewing side will not sew anthing thicker than two layers of fabric. Janome claims it will sew 12 layers of denim. I just want to hem a pair of jeans. The machine jams, tangling the bobbin thread in a big mess. The machine has been "fixed" three times. It currently is still in the shop, fix #4. My dealer takes 6-8 months to return the machine. Each time I get the machine back from being repaired it jams again within the first hour of sewing. The embroidery side works. In the three and a half years I have owned the machine it only has a couple of hours of trouble free sewing on it. I have a friend with the exact same machine and it works like a charm. I got the lemon. I have contacted Janome (Canada) directly and they have ignored me sending all my complaints on to the dealer.

New Orleans, LA


The Janome MC11000 Embroidery machine is easy and fun to use.


I purchased the Janome MC11000 a few years ago.  I had always wanted an Embroidery machine.  This was an fairly expensive machine, but I purchased it with the thought that I could use it to embroider items for profit to regain back the cost.  I have done that to some degree, but it doesn't really matter because I love this machine.  One of the best features is the automatic needle threader.  It has a nice size screen  to view stitches and patterns.  You can Import directly to the machine from your computer or use a USB memory device. My machine came with it's own Digitizing Program which is fine for what it is.  It has its flaws.  Sometimes it just fails for no reason, this is a common problem with this program. It is very limited to the amount of creativity you can do.  But it works fine for downloading designs and getting them in sync with the Janome machine.  I have created everything from tote bags, handbags, placemats and garments as well.  I was an avid cross-stitcher for many years but had been unable to to do it because of hands going numb.  This machine allows me to continue my creativity in a broader and more fun manner.  I would highly recommend this machine.

Walton, KY


Janome Computerized Embroidery & Sewing Machine

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