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Jane. MaxLash 2 Mascara

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Jane Maxlash was the Worst!


**Jane Maxlash precise Waterproof Lash Defining Mascara was he worst mascara I have ever brought.  It left my lashes just a clumpy hot mess!** I put the mascara on as best that I could following the general steps. I put the first application on first, then the second application.  It did not strengthen or lengthen my lashes.  It did not separate my lashes at all, they just clumped together.  The color of the lashes were nice but my lashes also stuck together. It was a gooey mess. The mascara also was not waterproof to me, it dripped and came off your lashes whenever you placed your hands on your lashes. I bought this mascara from my local supermarket at a good price, well it was not at all worth it. I took this mascara off immediately. I don't know if I got a bad batch but when I returned to my supermarket to get some more mascara about a week later. This mascara was being discontinued, so I knew that I couldn't get my money back.  They definitely need to work more on this product!

Pittsburgh, PA


Jane. MaxLash 2 Mascara

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