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Jane. Hi-Fiber Clear Mascara

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Subtle is one thing. Not there AT ALL is qute another!


***Quick View:*** I got this free with the purchase of two Jane products. I would never normally buy clear mascara because it seems useless. And boy, was this ever useless.***About Jane Hi-Fiber Waterproof Mascara Clear 1 ea*** This promised longer thicker lashes. The mascara has clump-free fibers that are supposed to cling to lashes giving a false eyelash effect. It is supposed to shine and define lashes with botanicals including juniper, aloe, nettle, and sambucus flower. Sounds good, eh? Well I was a little psyched because I like to look natural but also like long lashes. I tried this and wondered where the claims could possibly have come from. It didn't even look like anything was on my lashes at all. In fact, I thought maybe the stuff didn't get on the brush because I felt and saw nothing. However, I did touch the brush and there was something on it. It just didn't seem to transfer to my lashes. There was no shine, there was no lengthening, there was nothing at all. I have tried clear mascara a time or two and it was better than this. This was like brushing nothing on my lashes. This can be used to tame wild eyebrows as well but I didn't try it because I don't have wild eyebrows. I even tried this as a primer and got no results. It wasn't even like I was applying water on my lashes. They didn't feel wet or damp. They felt exactly the same as before I applied it. ***My Viewpoint*** This mascara didn't work for me at all. It didn't do a thing. It may tame eyebrows but, as for lengthening lashes, nope. It didn't even shine them or make them look wet. On the plus side, there were no clumps of anything. ***1 star.*** It was like using nothing.

The heart of , NY


The only mascara I use.


I've been using Jane Clear Mascara for more years than I can remember. It is the absolute cheapest mascara out there, and one of the only clear ones available. I prefer a natural look and absolutely hate regular brown or black mascara. I do find that powder and eyeshadow tends to get on my lashes making them appear very light however, and want something to correct that problem. After I apply any other makeup that I'm wearing I just put on a quick coat of the clear mascara. It removes all the powder from my lashes and makes them stand out more while still looking perfectly natural. You can also use it on your brows if they are unruly, but I don't have that problem so I don't use it in that way. Because it's clear, I don't have to worry about it running down my face later in the day, or worse, smearing all over because I wiped my eye. On top of all that, it's so cheap that I can buy a few tubes at a time and not worry about losing one.

Voorhees, NJ


Jane. Hi-Fiber Clear Mascara

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