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Jane. Blushing Cheeks Blush - All Shades

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Beautiful color, stunning!


This Jane blush is in one word, amazing. It goes on beautifully and gives you that glowing feeling without looking fake or forced. It does not come with a mirror, but since most of the time blush is not something you apply on the fly, I was fine with that. You will need a nice blush brush to apply it but since most people have that in their makeup arsenal, it is not a big deal. It lasts a long time for the amount that you get and comes in many different colors for you to get your right blushing bride shade. This blush has one downside. It is hard to find. You are going to be able to find it in the big city stores but move to a small town like I live in and forget it. I can't find it anywhere so I have had to move to a different product. I miss the color and the beauty this product brings. If you live in a place where you can find this product, you have to try it. You won't regret it. It covers so beautifully!

Harlingen, TX


Little Gem


I picked this up out of desperation a few years ago when I ran out of my expensive blush...I have used it ever since.  The texture is wonderful, it's inexpensive, has great colors for every season (I have several) and it's easy to find in your big box store...can't ask for anything else.  

Carthage, TN


Pretty good for the price.


This is a pretty good blush for the price that you pay. I think the other reviews sum it up nicely so I am not going to repeat everything they said. I recommend using a light hand when applying this blush. It is extremely pigmented and a little goes a longgg way. That also means that is lasts a long long time. Even with a great primer and foundation base, this will not last you all day. If you would like something that will last all day try NARS blushes. They are fantastic.

Commerce Township, MI


In my opinion, better than the more expensive brands.


**I have to say that I have tried the more expensive brands, but I always go back to JANE.** **I've tried Clinique, Smashbox, Merle Norman, VS, and more....** **I still return to using JANE** **Blushingly Beautiful, affordable** **Give it a try, you won't be disappointed!**

Kite, GA


at 44 jane blushing cheeks blush still makes me look like a teen


Jane Blushing Cheeks Blush is an essential part of my day. It makes me feel young and adds just the right color I need to feel bright and perky. With just the right touch of blush I feel it adds warmth to my smile. I also enjoy the light feeling and smooth way it goes on. I also add just a little to my eyelids to brighten them up. I feel the Blushing Cheeks Blush is for people of any age.  With all the colors to choose, why pick just one. I will change it up a bit and use the lighter color during the day. you will really love the way the blush goes on and lasts all day. Try using it and see if you don't feel younger right away. I bet your smile will look brighter and your overall appearances radiant. i would reccomend this to all my family and friends. There are times I have to take it back from my daughter who uses it all the time. I enjoy sharing my blush with her. i just wish she would leave my clothes alone!

Hackettstown, NJ


Jane. Blushing Cheeks Blush - All Shades

4.8 5