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Jane. Be Pure Mineral Crushed Blush - All Shades

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Jane Be Pure Mineral Blush: Just As Good as Bare Escentuals!


I fell totally in love with Bare Escentuals pure minerals makeup and used it for years before other companies started coming out with their versions. Jane Be Pure has their own line of pure crushed mineral makeup and I was eager to give it a try. Boy, am I glad I did! Jane Be Pure Mineral Crushed Blush is a wonderful product that rivals Bare Escentuals in every way. In fact, it wins when it comes to the price because it is 1/4 of the price of Bare Escentuals! Who doesn't want to save money??? I purchased Jane Be Pure Mineral Crushed Blush in the shade of Rose Silk. This shade is excellent for those with medium to dark skin tones. It is a lovely shade of blush that adds just the right amount of color to your cheeks. A few things about Jane Be Pure Mineral Crushed Blush that you should know are that it is all natural, does not contain talc, will not clog pores and is fragrance free. Jane Be Pure Mineral Crushed Blush is a very finely ground mineral makeup that should be applied with a good quality brush. When applying, open the container of blush and pour a small amount of blush into the lid. Take your brush and twirl it around to capture the mineral makeup. Then tap the brush to remove excess blush. Next apply blush. Finished product: A natural looking blush! If you are one that likes a natural look to your makeup, then you should definitely give Jane Be Pure Mineral Crushed Blush a try, or if you are a committed Bare Escentuals user. You won't be sorry!

Greenwell Springs, LA


all purpose make up


I purchase this product over six months ago. I use this product on an average about five time a week. I usually apply this product in the morning and if I go out in the evening. I feel this is a great product for use as a blush. I also been using this product as eye shadow as well.  The product stays on and is long lasting.  It blends in well.  I have also used this product to as color to my lips. This is a great product for on the go active individuals. This is an all in one product. Casing: the casing is light weight. It does not fit well in small purses or pocket.  This product I feel fits well in make up bags.  The casing is strong and durable, maybe even to the point of too strong and durable.  I think the product would be better, if it was smaller, so it could easily fit into smaller sized pocket books and more ideal for traveling purposes.  It does have an innercasing that allows for blush particles to pass through, minimizing the amount of blush, so that you can distribute evenly on your blush stick. Everday use: I think this product may last three to four months if used sparingly every day.  Although, I still think make up should be replaced every two to four months to prevent additional bacteria building up on product. Price: I feel the price is relative to other products of this type. I would not buy this product again, only because, I am looking for products that are more natural in ingredients. 

East Stroudsburg, PA


Jane. Be Pure Mineral Crushed Blush - All Shades

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