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Jane. Be Pure AguaCeuticals Tinted Moisturizer - All Shades

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Jane Be Pure Tinted Moisturizer is soooooooo awesome!


It's no secret that I am a big fan of Jane Be Pure line of cosmetics. These products have never let me down. I like the tinted moisturizer so much...it gives a very light coverage, and has sunscreen in it to enhance it's value!  I am happy to recommend this product to my friends. I live in Florida, and suncreen is a must when trying to survive out in the Florida sunshine. I want my skin to look it's best, and this tinted moisturizer gives me soft dewy skin, and protects me from sun damage in the process!  It has a pleasant scent, and it's over perfumery. I am totally in love with how it gives the right amount of coverage, and I can even thin it out with my other favorite moisturizer for even lighter coverage as I need it! This tinted moisturizer works well with the entire line of mineral powders from jane as well. (I particularly love the transparent finishing powder with this tinted moisturizer!)  I get compliments on my skin all of the time, and most people wonder what products I use as they don't even realize I'm wearing make up! ---That's the sort of compliment that I desire to hear.  I don't like my face overloaded, and love to appear fresh, dewy and natural. Jane Be Pure products perform as products and afford me that natural look that I love and crave.  I recommend this product to EVERYONE!

Tampa, FL


Watch your eyes--it burns, even hours later!


The price for this product is great and with a sale, you can't beat it. I was very surprised though,as the product was thick. I expected a tinted moisturizer to be more like a moisturizer than like a foundation, and the Jane tinted moisturizer is thicker than I expected. My biggest complaint, and the reason that I will no longer use the product is that it burns my eyes. If it gets anywhere near my eyes, it burns them. Even hours later, if I perspire or wipe my face, suddenly my eyes are burning and I can't see. It's horrible!! I have NEVER experienced a problem like this before. Bottom line is that I wouldn't recommend this product.

Reading, PA


Jane. Be Pure AguaCeuticals Tinted Moisturizer - All Shades

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