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Jakks Real Construction Deluxe Tool Set

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The Jakks Pacific Real Construction tool set is garbage


This product is a joke.  Styrofoam + plastic tools + Lack of directions=Jakks Pacific Real Construction Tool set. Take my word for it before you waste your money as I did. Any reviews that are positive about this product were written by the company itself posing to be costumers.

Amityville, NY


"Kid Wood" Makes This Toy Feel Like the Real Thing


When I saw a demonstration of this toy on a morning talk show, I knew that it would be the perfect gift for my nearly-six year old grandson.  The **Real Construction Deluxe Tool Set **by** Jakks **is a budding builder's dream toy.  The plastic tools and fasteners are great on their own, but combined with planks of kid-approved "Kid Wood" that can be safely sawed and hammered, this toy becomes a real standout from its competitors. The wood planks are made out of a lightweight--but sturdy--foam.  Depending on your child's age and coordination, it may take a little effort to cut through the planks.  However, it's all in fun and my grandson didn't have much trouble with it in any event.  The workshop comes with a little booklet about possible projects to make, but we didn't even bother with it.  He knew he wanted to make a birdhouse and he got a kick out of figuring out how much wood to cut and how to design it on his own. I've read reviews saying that the instructions don't  provide enough information on the projects shown, so keep that in mind if you're looking for a more structured toy.  However, if your little one simply wants to saw, and nail, and build and create with his (or her) imagination, then this is a great toy to keep in mind.  The biggest problem for us was he played with it so much that he ran out of the kid wood very quickly.  At any rate, the bundles of wood are available separately so we can always pick up some more. All in all, the **Jakks Real Construction Deluxe Tool Set** has been a joy for the child in my life.  I highly recommend it.

Chicagoland, IL


Coolest construction toy since Lincoln Logs


This is probably the coolest toy I bought for my nephew! Unlike other construction toys, **Jakks Real Construction Deluxe Tool Set** is the closest thing to actually building with tools and wood. The "Kid Wood" is made up of compressed foam that acts just like soft wood. The kid-safe tools can cut and nail into this stuff like it's real, but there's no need to worry about cut or bruised fingers. The Real Construction Deluxe Tool Set comes with a variety of tools and enough Kid Wood to construct the things that's in the booklet that's included with the set. I had so much fun playing with my nephew and niece, who are 5 years old. It wasn't hard for them to saw and nail, and this toy really works their imagination. I highly recommend this toy for boys and girls who are interested in toys like this. The only negative I have is that like real wood, you'll run out of material to build with, and you'll have to buy refill set which could be costly.

Wheeling, IL


My kid loves the Jakks real construction deluxe tool set!!!!!!!


My kid loves the jakks real constuction deluxe tool set. Buying for a kindergartener,6-10 year olds, educational toys and I am definitely a busy mom!!!!!!! Bright- colorful- looks realistic to the kids- a good size-  does promote creativity- wants to be just like the daddy ofcourse Needs to come with more supplies - running out of them can always be a problem. kids ask for it constantly  friends want to play every time they come over. 900 characters is a lot to write. Not very fair that you would expect that of someone. so Iam going to add a little review about this offer. Quess I'm lucky I had ever even heard of one of the products you wanted a review for talk about jumping through hoops. WOOhoo circus time, and yes now I am just aking things up as I go, and at this point dont care who reads it just aggravated at the 900  charactyers rule ridiculous. Better be enough now you can just use the top part of this review since that is the only part that is even about the product because the stupid rue of 900 characters bye

Ocala, FL


jakks tool set is a very good product


its a pretty cool toy, i bought it for my nephew a few months ago and he plays with it every day has so much fun with it, he builds so many different things,, and all the different type of tools spends so much time with them, is his favorite thing to play with from the time he gets up in the morning to the time he goes to bed,, the parts are like real wood and he like's that so it is real like to him and that is a big part of it, as he plays with his tools and builds things it makes him feel like he is a builder, and dont have to worry about him geting hurt playing with it because it is very child friendly,, it is good to keep him busy and helps him with his learning ability to progress as he grows older with his motor skills,, its a very good product for younger kids, one of the best on the market, and for the price you cant go wrong, i would recommend the tool set for everyone with a small child...

Montrose, MI


Jakks Real Construction Delux Tool Set is very durable


we bought the real construction tool set as an attention getter for our child. since we have it has turned into his favorite thing ro play with. this set has been through the ringer. it has been pounded, thrown, it has had bicyles run over the tools and gone through everything a child could possibly put a toy through and has held up. it has many safety features that makes me feel very comfortable letting my child use this set. it has been one of the best purchases that i have made for my child in a long time. i have recomended this set to all of my friends that have children and feel that willl steer my child in the right direction. it has also stirred his mind on constructive things such as building and fixing things. it has also gotten him away from trying to destroy the things that he has. it has really been one of those products that your not sure of until you get it and it has been exactly what i had hoped it would be.

Celeste, TX


Jakks Real Construction Deluxe Tool Set

3.5 6