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Unique and fun cards for all occasions


If you are looking for fun and unique cards, JacquieLawson.com is a great place to visit. Their cards have a lot of cute "characters" and themes and in most cases, are somewhat interactive. All of the cards also have sound including music playing in the background and sound effects when you do the different interactive things (like a fireplace staring up or a dog barking). They offer cards for all occasions and even general good wishes cards. The only down side to this site is that because of all the animation, it can take quite a long time for the cards to load if you are on a slower connection. Ease of Use It is easy (and fun) to customize your cards and send them on their way. Product Selection For a smaller site, there is quite a fun selection of cards for any and every occasion. Product Pricing For a small annual fee, you can create an unlimited amount of cards. Probably the best value for paid ecards. Customer Service I had an issue where I couldn't get into the site after paying my membership and within minutes of contacting customer service, the issue was resolved. Shipping and Returns Since this is a site offered e-cards, this category is n/a.



Jacquie Lawson is the home of the BEST e-cards!


I was surprised to see that Jacquie Lawson's e-card site had not yet been reviewed - and thrilled that I get to boast about it! Ms. Lawson, an English woman, launched her site in 2000 with a limited but extremely high quality offering. Many had the look and feel of life in the English countryside. They were focused on her passion - a dog called Chudleigh and his antics. The cards are engaging and the animation and music fit the scenes. Over the years, more "characters" - more dogs, cats, birds - have been added.  Also there seems to be a category of cards for every occasion. From a technical standpoint, access is very easy... log in, add an e-mail for the recipient (which is conveniently saved for future use), add your customized message, preview your creation (make changes if necessary) and hit send. You are notified of the delivery as well as when the recipient opens the card. Also you are notified when new cards are released. And what is the cost for unlimited access to (as of today) 143 customizable e-cards for virtually every category imaginable? $12 per year! Preview the site - I suspect you will become a fan and a member, too!  

Northfield, IL



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