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JVC - HAF140B Gumy Earphones for Portable Audio Equipment - Olive Black Headphones

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Great sound, good quality, just becareful with them though.


These are absolutely my favorite pair of earphones to get when I go out to the store to buy a new pair of these things. Gummy (Gumy? I always thought it was Gummy, so I'm just sticking with it.), have a wide variety of color choices for you to choose from. Red, orange, yellow, green, purple, and everything in between! So if you're one of those people like me that has to match the iPod color to the earphones, here you go. You're all set with that. Now certain earphones can only go so high with volume. Like the current ones I have now, they honestly only go up half as high as the Gummy ones. The Gummy ones can get pretty loud, so there's no worry when you're in a noisy room. Just crank up those tunes. Haha, corny. I know. Now for the reason WHY I'm using another set besides my beloved Gummy's, they broke. One ear doesn't work, so I feel all lopsided. And this does happen often with the Gummy's. See, how this happens is because there's a little wire running through the entire thing (obviously). Well, when you neatly wrap you're cord up nice and tight; wrong thing to do. You're putting tension on that wire and eventually it WILL break and you'll be left with nonworking speakers. Just becareful with them. Besides that, definitely get the Gummy brand next time you're at the store looking for some new earphones. Hope this helped! =D

Acushnet, MA


Small lightweight and easy to use.


I've become very familiar with these JVC earbuds since I've had to purchase them around 3 to 4 times on seperate occasions. They are very lightweight, and easily fit into my ears great without coming out. I'm an avid runner, and they have been very beneficial to me while jogging. The cord is also long enough to allow for the user to move freely without worrying about pulling them out of whatever device you are using them in. The sound quality is great, and they are loud enough to enjoy. My only complaint about this product is that after I've used them for a few months, one of the speakers tend to go out. Some people have told me that this happens to me because I listen to mines so loudly. That may be the case, but like I mentioned before I've had to purchase replacements on several occasions. I rate this product as an above average. I think because of how they are shaped, and how lightweight they are, they can accomodate almost anyone's ears.

Jasper, TX


JVC - HAF140B Gumy Earphones for Portable Audio Equipment - Olive Black Headphones

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