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JVC - HA-NC250 Headphones

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The JVC - HAN 250 headphones is decent at best. The headphones does a good job at canceling low fequency noise, such as from airplanes. However the headphones fail to cover my ear, and after a few hours of wearing the headphones, they begin to hurt my ears. If the headphones were to encase my ear, this review might be a different story. The sound quality is excellent. I can hear both low frequencies to high frequencies. This function of the headphones work with or without the battery. Replacing the battery can be a little challenging, as one has to pry open the the headphone. A simple AA battery powers the noisecanceling function of the headset for many hours. The case is sturdy and large, but not bulky. It can carry an iPod, an extra battery, and other miscellaneous small item. The price on these headphones were a bargain compared to the those made by Bose. I paid about a third of the cost for these JVC headphones that the price of Bose's, and in hindsight would had rather saved my money for Bose's noise canceling headphones.

Palo Alto, CA


Gets the job done, but not fantastic. Fragile.


I go through headsets pretty often, as I have the bad habit of rolling over them with my chair. I've gone through so many that I know what to expect when it comes down to sound. I bought these as they were for a sale, and somewhat affordable. I thought they'd last a while, however their build quality was awful, however the sound quality was decent. I'd compare them to a low quality headset from an unknown brand, they really could have used better quality products to make them last longer, as one of the ears stopped working prematurely, and I had to get an ew headset due to this to replace them. If they could fix the durability issues, these might be worth getting, but they'd still be nothing to write home about. If there's nothing else for you to use, they might work, but otherwise I'd suggest going with a different brand, perhaps logitech as they offer many comfortable pairs of headsets at reasonable prices.

Savannah, GA


Awesome headphones for the great sound


These JVC headphones are great for the money if you don't want to pay for bose headphones get these.  The silencing feature is great to just hear the music, movies or whatever you want to hear.  I recommend buying some rechargeable batteries because the batteries do wear down over time using these headphones.  The cord to the headphones is a little short that come with these, but you can buy a longer cord because the cord detaches from the headphones to put other longer cords in.  Their is no warning when the silencing feature dies but you do notice it when it goes out.  Exchanging the battery is easy and their is only one on the right ear side.  Just have to take off the right ear piece to switch out the battery and easily snaps back into place.  I highly recommend these headphones for someone who does not want to pay a big price tag and comes with a carrying case to store them.

Pueblo, CO


JVC - HA-NC250 Headphones

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