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JVC - Everio series camcorder - GZ-7U Full HD 60 GB HDD Camcorder

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Best camcorder I've ever owned


This is a really great camcorder.  I love the fact that it does full HD.  The screen size is nice, the controls are easy to use, and the picture quality is outstanding.  The 60 GB hard drive allows me to record for over 4 hours in full HD.  The options of using auto setting work great for 90% of shooting - but if you want to play with some manual focus and lighting - you have the capabilities to switch it to manual and record that way as well.  This gives me all the features I would need from a high end video camera and the price and usability of a consumer camcorder.  The price of this camera was quite good as well - especially for the quality of video it shoots and the features it has.  One thing I would recommend is to go out and purchase a UV protector filter for it.  I had to take off the hood - which I really liked - but it was worth the trade to protect my lens.  I work in some dusty and dirty conditions so this purchase was a must.  I also recommend getting an extra battery - probably the BN-VF815U.  It is a bigger longer lasting battery so you can video for longer periods of time without recharging.  Other than that - a great camcorder!

Sioux Center, IA


JVC - Everio series camcorder - GZ-7U Full HD 60 GB HDD Camcorder

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