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JVC Everio Series Camcorder

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The camcorder is a great way to record family memories.


This product is easy to use. The price was great. It has simple to use features, adding date, different filters.  The zoom is great, but pictures can loose detail if zooming in from a far distance away, and it is better quality film if you are closer, not further away. Settings are user friendly. Easy to view screen. The features are on a durable dial. The lettering has not faded over time on feature dial. Cleaning kit comes with product and is wonderful.

Sligo, PA


excellent recording device


A nice camcorder that is small and compact.  Remember the big, bulky VHS recorders?  This is small enough to carry with you wherever you go.  With a family of five children, we use is quite a bit for birthdays, special events, Christmas, etc.  The picture comes out very clear and the sound is very good.  You will need to get a really good software package that will edit the digitally stored images, and depending on the software will be the ease of making a DVD with this machine.  I've owned several camcorders and the little tapes used to record the stuff on take up room, but with the built-in large capacity hard drive one can easily store hours and hours of video before you download it onto a DVD.  It is simply wonderful.  It also has the capacity to store thousands of digital still images onto a SD card.  THe person who buys one of these will not be disappointed.

Phoenix, AZ


great camcorder for recording memories...


This is a great camcorder for taking home movies with. It's really easy to point and shoot movies, and the menu is easy to understand. The manual settings are a snap to learn and configure. THer viseo settings, such as brightness and contrast, are easily changeable even after video is taken- the sun can't wash out your memories. Also, there are neat special features such as sepia and black and white, if you're into those things. However, the still photos can get blurry if you do too much zooming in on an object. The battery tends to drain quick, so be on the look out. Otherwise, great with few complaints!

Washington, PA


Two for the price of one .....not!


This comcorder was bought specifically for recording high school basketball games to submit to colleges. The picture quality is blurry at best, it  doesn't adjust quickly enough for moving objects (players or ball).  The mic picks up more noise from the side or "backround" noise than the calls from the refs / players. As for the editing, the directions in the instruction  book are unclear,confusing, and when I called tech support they stated "you should have called us first". I have had more problems with this camera/camcorder than with all the others combined. It is suppost to make movies, take picures, make stills from movies. In the instruction book it states that you can move "one" scene to another spot .... change the timeline of the movie. The battery life was excellent when new, I have been having problems lately with the battery staying charge for more than  1 1/2 hrs at a time & if I don't use the camcorder for over a week I need to recharge the battery overnight before using.  Daughter took it to a school dance & the light was too bright it discracted  & "blinded" friends, but when turned off  that part of the movie was so dark we couldn't identify her or her friends.

Greencastle, PA


Love IT! Record to hard drive then burn DVD's in your computer!


I am so glad I don't have to deal with cassettes anymore! This little camcorder is wonderful. It comes with a 1 hour battery, and I also purchased a 3 hour battery. It holds 10 hours worth of video, so if you go on vacation it's great! Hook it up to your computer when you get home, download, and then burn to your dvd's. You can't go wrong!!

South Berwick, ME


an okay camcorder from JVC


i got this camcorder as a way for me to record our vacations that we take as a family during the year. it is not the best cam corder that i have ever used or owned in my life. i think that i can probably do better the next time that i go and buy myself a camcorder. i think that overall it is an easy camcorder to use, but the features that i am looking for are lacking in quality. the picture from a medium distance is fine but then if you want to zoom in closely then that is not good for it. it gets less clear and crisp as you try to zoom in closer and closer. i think that the small size is a definate plus for the camcorder. when on vacation, i do not like to carry around any thing that is big and bulky. also, the videos i take are very easy to download onto my computer when we get back home and i can make multiple tapes if i want so that i can send them to family as little gifts. overall all,i could do better.

Norwich, CT


Nicely Priced and Easy to Use


I shopped around looking for a reliable and easy to use video camera that I could use and then download directly to my PC without having to convert the video to an editable format... and JVC has come through nicely. Editing and then creating a DVD with the Everio software is a breeze. The easy to use buttons and menu interface make the camera a perfect hybrid video recorder and digital camera. You can choose to record video to the hard drive or SD Card (Secure Digital) which can then be accessed through the camera itself or by way of a usb card adapter (and many newer computer have a reader built in). I purchased a few SD cards and can swap them out as needed. The largest I have used is a 4 GB card and have had great results! If you are looking for a versitile camera that can do video and stills then this is a great way to go.

Baltimore, MD


JVC Everio Series Camcorder

3.9 7