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JVC Everio Camcorder

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Nice little Camera to have around.


I just recently upgraded from the JVC Everio G-M30 to the G-M60. The biggest difference between the 2 is the size between the Hard Drives (7 hrs, 30 Gigs for the M30; 14 hrs, 60Gigs for the M60) however, the best upgrade to the Everio series is the easy to use touch sensitive controls. All of the menu, light, and resolution features a scroll bar that is touch sensitive to change the effect almost instantly. No more "joystick" control, or controls on the back of the camera (exept for the record, zoom, and pic features), everything is right there at the "touch" of your hand! As for the size...It is extremely small at approx. 8"x6"x4" and around 1 pound of weight it's the perfect camera to grab and go! Highly recommended, unless you afford one of the Everio HD HDD Models!

Hendersonville, NC


It is a compact video camera with a hard drive - enough said.


There are some great camcorders in the Everio series of camcorders.  The hard drive makes it easy to record and edit videos.  It's a snap transferring videos to the computer (not like the DV and Digital8 era).  Picture is fairly good for a budget camera.

Rigby, ID


Easy to use and understand instructions, a beginner could do it.


This camcorder is easy to use, can also take photographs while filming, easy to play back.  very good picture and sound. I am new to using camcorders, but this was super easy to get started.  Color is great, easy to recharge.  Easy to attach to dvd/cassette players to play back and view content on your television set.

Champion, MI


JVC camcorder ALMOST great


I have to say there are many many things I love about this camera.  It is compact, lightweight, easy to use, no tapes or discs to fuss with, easy to connect to computer, built in light, good amount of internal storage.  Now the bad - the software.  Sucks.  Have no idea how to use, thus my camera has never been emptied and video of the past 3 years of my life is still on the camera (see, I told you good amount of storage)  There is a good amount of storage but I am being a bit see, everytime I go to grab my camera to record one of those adorable child moments the dang thing is dead and I MISS IT!  What a waste!  I do not understand why when the camera is off the batteries are being eaten up.  Fully charged will not last more than a day when IT IS OFF - you can just imagine the battery life when the camera is actually on.  My only guess is that somehow the video stored on there is used up battery power??  I dunno, but it is frustrating and the camera has ended up being a waste since unless it is a planned event I never get the opportunity to use it.  Also takes still pictures.

Virginia Beach, VA


JVC makes a great camcorder


Let me start by saying that I have never been a big camcorder person. In the days of video tapes they were just too big and bulky to make it worth lugging them around for anything other than special occasions or stationary use. We would set ours up on a tripod at holidays and just let it catch the general activities, but it wasn't practical to carry around outside to take videos of the kids and things. That is NOT the case with this awesome little camera! It takes HOURS of video without any added component, though it does allow you to use SD cards to expand its memory capabilities or for taking snapshots. Granted its still picture quality is pretty low, but sometimes you just want to capture the moment and nothing else is handy. This thing is very small. It easily fits in one hand and still allows you to have "thumb access" to its controls like switching from still pictures to video, and is easy to zoom in and out. It also has a remote, which I was surprised that we use as much as we do, that handles basic features and really comes in handy for using it as a playback device. Overall I find this camcorder is easy to use, a convenient size and weight, has all the features that are important to me, and easy to connect and transfer pictures and videos to my computer for saving onto disk. If you shop around you can also get a great price on this camera!

Richburg, SC


JVC Everio small and great around the house


I have had this camera for three years now.  I picked this one because of the price and quality.  I have used it to video my kids, and it has worked great.  If you wanted to use it for something more professional or serious- this is not the camera for you.   The camera for still photos is terrible, but that doesn't bother me, because I didn't buy it to do still photos.  If you are looking for a camera that will do both video and still photos, again, this is not the camera for you. It is sooo easy to get the videos off of the camera.  All I have to do is plug in the USB cable and the videos automatically transfer to my computer.  From there I can do whatever I want with the videos.  The camera does have a "one touch" feature to transfer video directly to a DVD, but I have never used this feature. Overall, I have been pleased with this camera.  It isn't extremely high quality, but it works great for me.

Kaysville, UT


The perfect camcorder


I purchased this camcorder to create a video history of my Masonic Lodge.  It is palm sized and easy to carry.  The flip outscreen is perfect in its clarity. When attached to a tripod and plugged into the wall you can record for the full 7 hours of space on the hard drive. Connection to the tv is simple.  A simple rca cord with a 2.5mm jack to the camera.  Less than 15 seconds to attack to the tv to quickly view what you just recorded. Also has the ability to take still pictures.

Salem, OR


JVC Everio Camcorder

4.1 7