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JVC - DR-MV150B DVD Recorder VCR Combo

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I can record on DVD and VCR on my DVD Video Recorder


I still enjoy use a VCR to record show on TV. With my new JVC DVD recorder I can do a lot more. play a DVD or VCR also it plays MP3/WMA files.   I can view JPEG files.. Use dubbing I can take a blank VHS tape and record on DVD. Are use dubbing an record from DVD to a VHS tape.This is fun to do. I can also record from a camcorder using a DV IN jack on the front panel of my recorder. Using the title list menu you can edit video content.  I still learning about this JVC DVD recorder. So far I been very happy, I wish the buttons wre a different color on the front of the DVD Video Recorder, the recorder is black and they made the buttons black makes them hard to see. When you turn on it said HELLO Performance Performance is still great. Playback Quality Very good playback quality. Sound Quality Sound quality is very good. Durability Have held really good. Ease of Use Very easy to use.

Asheville, NC


my jvc dvd/vcr player


this is the best thing coming down the pike. I can tape and watch the transfer whatever I want. its like have 5 or 6 things in 1.. we do a lot of taping of old movies and there is nothing better then jvc. it well worth the money

Corry, PA


The JVC - DR-MV150B DVD Recorder / VCR Combo lacks


**JVC - DR-MV150B DVD Recorder / VCR Combo** The **JVC - DR-MV150B DVD Recorder / VCR Combo **is a good machine for those of us who still have VHS tapes laying around. It will play DVDs as well as VHSs, you can even make a copy of your VHS onto a DVD with the built in DVD-R. The **JVC - DR-MV150B DVD Recorder / VCR Combo **has ample AV inputs. You can even plug your camera right into it and look at your pictures. I was most excited about the fact that the **JVC - DR-MV150B DVD Recorder / VCR Combo **has a built in digital tuner. That means one less thing on my TV table, one less cord to try and hide. I have been happy with mine until the VCR half quit working less than one year after I bought it. I did purchase warranty but since it is my  tuner I am reluctant to take it to be fixed just yet. My family has many of our movies on VHS. This is the perfect machine for someone who isn't ready to replace all their favorite VHS's yet.

Larwill, IN


JVC DVD Recorder/VCR Combo is wonderful.


I love the fact that you can record on VCR or DVD. I transferred my camcorder tapes of my kids and grandchildren to DVD. I'm still learning all the functions, but so far I'm thrilled.  I would never go back to just a VHS or DVD player.  I love my DVD recorder/ VCR combo!

Rockwell, NC


Set it and forget it!!


I finally got around to switching brands on my vcr, dvd combo and went with Phillips, now I don't know what I would do without this gadget. This is one of the most used items I have in my household, I can set that up to record 16 different programs, I can set it to record my soap opera daily, any show you want once a week, set it and forget it. I have made countless cartoon specials for the kids. Their favorite cartoons on dvd. The Christmas cartoons, that usually only come on once a  year, can be recorded to dvd and popped in any time they want them, of if they want to watch them early next year. Another feature it has  is that you can record your old video tapes directly to your dvd, but don't think you can go start renting stuff and recording it, copywrite laws will prevent that. But, as far as recording television, or your homemade video's, this gadget does the job, it even has a speed set copier, you do not have to wait for it to play all the way through, just hit copy from vcr to dvd, and I believe it even goes the other way around. Also a place for SD cards, usbs, and hooking up components, you cannot go wrong!

Lees Summit, MO


JVC - DR-MV150B DVD Recorder VCR Combo

4.4 5