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Good camcorder for the price


I got this camera for Christmas and while I love it to death I do have an issue or two about it. The zoom works great, the features are easy to use and the manual was easy to read. The quality of the picture is good enough that I can watch the video on the little screen with little problems. It was a little difficult to figure out how to put it onto my computer but once I did it was easy enough to replicate.  I didn't have to have an engineering degree in order to comprehend the workings of the camcorder. The issues I have with it are the odd thing that pops up every now and then.  It is called Condensation Oeration paused error.  Everything I have researched about this shows it is a common and recurring problem in JVC cameras. I have managed to overcome it but it does recur even though I follow every step they give me.  There are sites out there telling you how to take it apart but that made me nervous.  I would rather not take apart my camcorder if turning it off and on repeatedly works too. So far the best method is to open the camera up and take out the battery. After leaving it for an hour or so it works fine.  Not good if this happens during an important event that you can't really postpone.

Medicine Bow, WY


great video at an affordable price


This is a great digital video camcorder.  It is a JVC GR-D350u.  Some of its most used features for me are the backlight compensation, which works great when the image is not visible because of the bright background light.  It also has wipe or fade effects. Small enough to carry around.  The LCD monitor is able to be rotated to view at just the right angle.  It uses mini DV cassettes which are at a great price.  I received an ac adapter to charge the battery, which lasts for 90 minutes on a full charge. It is a great digital video Cam, easy to use and affordable.  

Rio Grande City, TX


JVC Camcorder

4.0 2