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JVC 42-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV

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I was a bit hesitant to buy this tv at first due to my lack of knowledge of the JVC brand, but I must say I am glad I bought it! This flat screen is great! The colors are beautiful and it has a wonderful sound quality which is quite impressive. I am so happy I bought this product. I also have to compliment its durability and it is easy to program. The installation is also very simple. I highly recommend this product and would be more than happy to buy another! I haven't had any issues with this product and was also impressed by its price tag. If you are in the market for a new LCD, you should buy this one!!!!!

Harrison, NJ


great sound and picture


this tv is a great buy the sound system is amazing!  This tv was an amazing buy.  It has a great picture and I just love this new hd thing.  I am happy with the size of it, it is just big enough.  The remote makes it easy access to your dvd player or other hook ups.  I think this was my smartest buy for this price range.

Virginia Beach, VA


Picture clarity is amazing, now just need more HD channels


Purchased this TV over the internet through  Got it for a great price with no tax and no shipping.  Ordered on a Friday night and was delivered to my house by the following Tuesday.  The picture is gorgeous, especially when watching sports.  Now if only Time Warner would offer more HD channels.

Liverpool, NY


Great JVC 1080p TV


When we first moved to our new home we had a space for the TV above the fireplace but the only TV we had was a HUGE Tube TV that weighed a TON and took up tons of space and when they tried to put it up on the shelf it was scratching the heck out of things so I insisted we get a new lighter easier to use TV.  So we found this on a great deal at our local furniture mart.  Setting it up was a piece of cake, putting it on the shelf was a piece of cake.  We love it.  My hubby loves to watch sports on it because you can practically see every  blade of grass on the football field.  Hooking things up to it is a snap.  I think the thing i was most looking for in a flat screen HD tv was minimal lag, you know, that look TV's get when things move quickly.  It gives me a headache but this tv did not have that as much as most of the tv's we looked at.  It takes a  while for the channels to move back and forth but I believe that is normal for this kind of tv when using just network stations.  Overall, love it and would recommend it.

Idaho Falls, ID


Love my Flat Screen


I loved when I brought this home! It's not very heavy and easy to haul around if you need too. The picture is amazing on it. You can literally see everything and up close. There is no grainy or blurry vision to it and the colors are wonderful on it. The sound comes out very clearly. I love flat screen as it isn't as bulky as the ones with the backs. It's thin enough to either hang on the wall or sit on a tv stand perfectly. I like the color the classic black,it looks really good sitting out. It is also easy to read stuff going across the screen in small print for people who can't see well. It's large enough to see and read things pretty clear. I would not take nothing for my flat screen. I love it! The only thing is you have to keep up to date on dusting it cause it does recieve a lot of dust buildup but it is easy to clean off when needed. I love watching my shows and movies on this one. Could not ask for a better tv.

High Point, NC


I love my JVC 42" TV!


About 4 months ago I bought a JVC 42" flat screen Television.  The TV picture quality and sound is great! I watch a lot of football on this Television. There is also an ipod holder on the front of the television. This holder/player is very handy and again the sound quality is great. The television set is light weight, I was able to carry it to the car and in my house by myself and with no problem. It has a 42" screen, but it doesnt take up much room because it is so thin.This JVC is a modern looking, it has a big light that is behind the ipod holder and is very stylish. Overall I am very happy with my purchase.

Calera, AL


JVC 42-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV

4.8 6