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JUKI Sewing Machine

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The Juki is a great sewing machine.


I recently purchased a Juki sewing machine online for a really great deal. I wasn't originally looking for anything heavy duty, just something to get some smaller sewing projects done around the house while my larger machine was out for repairs. Well this Juki sewing machine has certainly impressed me with how well it has held up with all of the things I have sewn on it. It sews very quickly and smoothly, in fact, I have never used a smoother sewing machine than this one, it just purrs along like a kitten. I never have any locking problems, and oil it very seldom as well. The stitches come out very nice and evenly without hardly trying. As far as heavy fabrics, the heaviest item that I have sewn on it has been a pair of jeans, and it had no issues with needles breaking or threads snapping, it did a very good job. Overall, it is a good, no-frills machine that can handle a lot of simple sewing jobs around the house.



JUKI Sewing Machine

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