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This is a much dating site than reviews say


If you read the other reviews they don't say much about the site other than the billing so it's difficult to get a good idea. I haven't found a perfect site yet. They all have their pros and cons, but this is definitely one of the better ones in terms of finding more highly educated, well rounded people. I would also suggest, while they are all expensive, to join multiple sites because that will give you a better "pool" of choices. jDate is much like the other sites in terms of joining: Fill in your your profile as completely as possible, upload pictures. Searching: This is important because some sites like eHarmony.com don't allow you to search. They choose for you. Zoosk doesn't allow you save any searches. JDate lets you have a quick search: You are seeking and location. I believe your search criteria is saved until you change it. Then there is an advanced search which lets you put in all the detailed criteria on age, body shape, religious preferences, smoking/non-smoking, etc. These searches can be saved. So far, JDate is the only site I've seen in which you can check to see if someone has read your email without having to pay extra like Match.com or POF. Zoosk has another crazy way to check but that will be in another review! Profiles: What I like about the profiles on this site is that there's a right hand section which lists the details about the person including physical info (height, weight, body type, etc.), Lifestyle and info about religion (reformed, conservative, orthodox, willing to convert, not willing to convert, etc.), marital status (single, divorced, widowed, or separated), background (where the person grew up, education info, etc.). Then there is the detailed sections such as About Me, Favorite Books, Movies, etc., Ideal Relationship, Perfect First Date, etc. There's a tab for more detailed information on interests, likes, etc. If someone takes the time to fill out the information the profile gives you a great overall picture of someone. There is also a community forum for Q&A and discussions. You can also see who's online at the moment and put in criteria to find people of the gender and age you're looking for with an opportunity to chat/IM with them. If they don't answer JDate will send them an email of their missed chat messages to which they might respond to you. There's other features but those are the primary. It's a good site. I have had to contact Customer Support in the past but have not had the problems with billing that others have said they had. My Personal Pet Peeves about ALL Dating Sites and Some Advice: 1) People aren't always honest about age, height, weight. And pictures posted may be years old. C'mon people!! If you're lying in the beginning what do you think someone is going to think when they meet you for the first time and see you've lied before you even met???? Put up current pictures (or at least say when they were taken if you have no current pictures). Be honest about what you say. 2) Profiles don't have enough info. OK, it's TOUGH to write about yourself. But this is like sending in a resume for a job! You need to have enough in there so someone can have an idea if you might be a match for them. 3) Not enough pictures showing the person. Some people upload so many pictures of their pets or pictures of them in groups that's it difficult to see which person is the one looking to date. If you upload pictures make sure you have closeups and are smiling! 4) Ignoring emails. This is one of my biggest pet peeves and maybe it shouldn't be. But if I take the time to write a nice intro email I get annoyed that I don't get a response even if it's a nicely worded 'thanks, but no thanks.' I feel it's just the 'right' thing to do and only takes a minute. 5) Sending winks or flirts. This site and others let you send winks, flirts, or some other canned response. This is usually reserved for people who have a profile but have not paid so they can't send emails. If you're a paying member, don't send a flirt or wink. Take the time to send a short message to say 'hello'. Customer Service I have not had problems with billing or customer service that others have had.

Henrico, VA




Absolutely not the place to meet Mr. Right. It's just bad for your wallet, so don't sign up. JDate deducted 150 $ from my credit card AFTER I deleted my account, and unfortunately nobody was willing to help me get my money back. It's a shame that a site like this calls itself "Jewish".



TOO pricy for what it offers


J date is very pricy and no longer offers a mostly quality population to choose from. I tried twice and canceled because I would notpay such a high amount to get perverts who should go to a pick up bar rather than waste my time. I think someone in the web site needs to reviewwhat's going on and try and warn women from men who are looking for phyiscal relationship only - and lie about that.

Flushing, NY


Another thieving Dating Site!!!


When I joined Jdate 6 months ago, I was warned by a friend to turn off the auto-billing option because Jdate is known for charging indiscriminately without notice. For the last 6 months I have been under the impression I had done exactly that and turned off auto billing, until this passed week where with not so much as a by your way, tJdate unceremoniously and surreptitiously deducted $19.99 from my credit card. The Jdate site is blatantly un-user friendly, I am now wondering whether they set up the turn off auto billing option so as not to take, in order to be able to then wave their non refundable policy in a persons face when they query why they are being charged!! DO NOT USE JDATE, they have no integrity, and to be frank the actual site is a crock, its not particularly user friendly in any way shape or form, add to that the blatant refusal to rectify a valid customer concern and the other sites out there look all together more attractive.        

West Hills, CA


Specialized with Beauty & Also Deception


J DATE, Florida is a fine dating service if a person is under 55, lives in a metropolitan area such as Palm Beach, Broward, Dade, Orange, Hillsboro counties or the cities of Daytona Beach, Tampa-St; Pete, Ft. Myers-Naples-Sarasota or Jacksonville.  It is a top dating  service for those who are affluent. Those with graduate degrees have a better chance.  Members should play golf, tennis or bridge regularly.  Scuba divers and Harley riders seem to have special allure.  JDate is one of the segmented specialized dating services. There are others focusing on specific target groups such as other religions.  One should be Jewish or not opposed to becoming the spouse of a member of the faith but one does not have to be observant. Some of the most gorgeous ladies I could EVER dream of have their profiles and pictures posted.  Many in the 50s and 60s have Cindy Crawford, Joan Collins and Christy Brinkely figures, to be conservative.  A good number claim to travel around very frequently and some are snowbirds with homes in the New England area.  I am a 68 yr old avg size bald single male living the the Melbourne-Palm Bay FL-Titusville area.  I have a Ph.D. and have traveled extensively.  I am not a Daddy Warbucks.  Lots of women, including those who often travel from Boca Raton/Ft. Lauderdale to Orlando and visit the Disney attractions have no idea that they pass Melbourne-Palm Bay along the way. Some of the ladies have photos that were taken a few years ago or more.  Now this itself is true of other dating services as well.  But, I found 45% or more of the women who are listed with profile shown have not checked their profiles in at least the past six months. Simply put, the uncareful reader will sign up only to find some of his favorites are carried on JDate even though they haven't checked their profiles in two years or more. And while there are many attractive ladies--more than seen on almost any other US-based dating service, those not attracted to heavier women should read descriptions carefully. Having belonged to JDate a few times, because of my location, most are not interested unless they live in Vero-Ft. Pierce.  Even a large number of ladies living in the Orlando area feel MLB-Palm Bay--less than 70 miles away are too far.  Why am I leaving JDate now? I am not a 55 year old Redford-Pitts-Pacino looking guy. I cannot wine and go dining continuously, even though being self-sufficient, stable, easy-going, conversant, educated, and romantic.  Too many have either not responded or said I'm not their type.  Yes, I am not a jet setter. Yes, I do not have a new Lexus, BMW or Jaguar.  And perhaps most of all, I like to be involved in community service rather than play bridge or tennis every day.   Those who fall within the "desired target categories" are urged to apply if they meet the other basic requirements. JDate recognizes chemistry is a key factor which EHarmony ignores. One can get responses from JDate representatives virtually 24/7, rather than just receiving canned answers from EHarmony. Now, if I can get a condo in Palm Beach Gardens, put on a toupee, win big on the lottery and learn to play bridge, the number of interested ladies would increase greatly.  JDate is an excellent dating service with the affluent professional living in a prime county even if divorced four times.  In fact, if I had children (even though also paying alimony) my chances of making a fine connection would be enhanced.        

Palm Bay, FL



2.2 5