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JC Penney Pure Perfection
JC Penney Pure Perfection Bath Towels

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Only Towel for my house


Pure Perfection bath towels are like being wrapped in cotton. They are soft and durable. The wide range of colors make it easy to redecorate your bathroom and afford new towels since they are wonderfully priced. They wash up nice and dry quickly.They don't fade or look worn for quite some time. I would have given them an very good rating BUT do not use bleach on these even the white ones. They are not made to be bleached. They will develop holes immediately and ravel. I was warned from a sales associate prior to purchase not to use chlorine bleach on them. I did not listen and ruined a load of white towels. It was entirely my fault. These also do not get little balls of lint on them like some towels do. They are smooth when they come out of the dryer. They come in two sizes but honestly even the smaller size wraps around an average size person. That is a definite plus, I hate towels that are not large enough. They are absorbent. It takes less time to dry after a bath when using these. It is the only brand we have in our home. Believe me my kids have even remarked about the towels sucking at other peoples homes when they stay there. WE are spoiled. I consider these a luxury despite the affordable pricing.



JC Penney Pure Perfection Bath Towels

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