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JC Penney
JC Penney Home Collection Classic Traditions Towel

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Good Towels


We were given a couple sets of these towels for our wedding, and they are the towels that we have used for everyday use over the last five years. Even through extended use, the towels are heavy duty enough that they have lasted quite well. They show little signs of wear, and they have not lost fibers and thinned over the years. They are thick enough to absorb a good deal of water without becoming saturated and leaving a lot of water on the body. They are also smooth enough to feel good rubbing over the skin without scratching or irritating it. The one downside I have with this set is the washcloths. When used everyday, the material gets very stiff and tough. Even if the soap is rinsed out of them completely, this does not go away. They feel this way immediately after taking them out of the washer and dryer when they should be clean and have all soap and dirt washed out of them.



Do not buy these towels! Cheap quality!


I have had a set of these towels for 2 years, and they have to be thrown away. After less than a year of use, they started unraveling. The stitching came apart and there are always big threads hanging out of it. The quality is horrible, and my husband hates them. They are also Very prone to mildew. And even after they are washed etc. you can smell that terrible mildew smell in the towels (and it Will rub off on your body). They were good for water absorbance but not much else.



jc penny towels are the best


I have 7 people living in my house and i have found that JC Penny towels last the longest. I am always washing them and they have lasted me a long time. I have bought towels from other places and they always seem to bunch at the ends but not the JC Penny towels I would reccomend them to anyone.

Newport News, VA


JC Penney Home Collection Classic Traditions Towel

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