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iPod Dock
JBL - Onstage Docking Station for iPod

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Wow it's great


Advise everyone to buy it



Great sound!


I really enjoy this product, the sound is great!  The only real con is that it has to be plugged in and there is no option for batteries.  The sound goes pretty high and it works great for a party.  I just leave mine plugged in to the kitchen/common area and anytimes I'm cooking or entertaining I just put my iPod in and carry the remote around with me.

Bothell, WA


Great little device for your ipod.


I've been using this Ipod Docking station for years now and it has worked perfectly the entire time without failure. I generally use the speakers to listen to music while going to sleep. During this time I usually have the music turned down to a lower volume but the speakers still push the sound through just fine and I have no trouble hearing the music. Other times I do like to turn up the docking station to listen to music while in the kitchen or doing other work around the house. The JBL docking station puts the music through at these higher volume levels just fine. The audio quality is very good for the most part but the bass levels are somewhat lacking at these higher volume levels. This is I guess to be expected though from such a small device. Pros: Small size, good audio quality, connects to all audio devices through the headphone jack (just can't charge the devices in the dock) Cons: Weak bass levels

Waseca, MN


Great sound from a little station!


This ipod docking station has great sound quality for very little room.  We recently upgraded myself and my husband to and iPhone 4 and an iPod touch, with this move it made our current ipod docking stations obsolete.  We wanted to find something that was affordable, yet would give us good sound.  I would say that this definitely fit the good sound qualification.  We got a really good deal on it, otherwise I don't think I would have splurged the money on this, but it is totally worth what we paid for it!  It is very compact so it will work in our kitchen or even in a small office setting.  It comes with a great little remote that is helpful if you are across the room and want to change the song or adjust the volume.  It is even great for outside because the sound is high enough quality that it will care across a regular size yard.  I would say if you have the money to splurge that this is a great product!

Lehi, UT


Good but not great


    Now I'm no audiophile but I'd like to say that I have a slightly tuned ear. The JBL Onstage puts out a great sound for the size of the product. I am very happy with it's portability and size. It sits comfortably on my desk with a lot of other junk.     Apart from the size the sound is decent. The mids and treble are pretty good. However, I was very disappointed with the near complete lack of bass support. If it attempts the deeper range it gets tinny and small. I didn't think that it would have rich deep sound, but it is so far the other direction.    I use another JBL product to provide bass when I'm listening seriously with great success. If you want to get something portable and light and don't mind compromising some power, this product is right up your alley.

Ypsilanti, MI


not bad for its size


the jbl onstage ipod docking system is not bad for its size. it has good highs , but the lows become distorted when turned up too loud. it has good power for its size, but again the distortion gets bad at high volumes. it is very small and portable. my wife and i took ours to the beach in the bahamas and it was perfect for a short period. it tends to eat batteries when played for extended periods at high volumes. rechargable would be the way to go. overall not a bad low cost portable ipod docking system. i would recommend it.

Dayton, OH


JBL - Onstage Docking Station for iPod

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