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JBL - Main Stereo Speaker

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Decent speakers for home theater


I've owned these speakers for quite some time now. They are floor standing speakers. The CF represents, "cast Frame", which suppose to make the bass sounds tighter and boomer.  Each speaker has a tweeter, midrange speaker, and a bass speaker. They sound decent but not the best comparing to other brand name speakers. Even though it has a 10-inch bass speaker, I don't think the bass is deep enough. The midrange is good though. It plays the high notes beautifully. I connected it to a decent Denon receiver and the sound came out to be ok.  I think these speakers are good for movies, but not good enough for music from cds. I placed these speakers in my living room. Since they are floor standing speakers already, I can't place them on speaker stands. Unfortunately, these are not tall speakers. Sometimes, I feel that I have to place them on something so that the music will come out at ear level.  When I take out the grill from the speaker, I realized that the cones are cheaply made with paper.


New York, NY


JBL - Main Stereo Speaker

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