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JBL - Creature Computer Speaker System

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Fantastic speakers.


I bought a set of the JBL Creature II speakers my senior year of high school - 7 years ago. This small 2.1 system produces incredible sound quality. Crisp, clear highs and deep sustained lows. The speakers only have two knobs to adjust the treble and bass, and at first this seemed to be too basic but after adjusting the settings, I was able to get exactly the sound I was looking for. The right channel speaker has volume controls. They are easy to use and responsive. Pressing both simultaneously mutes the system which is a really nice feature. The one downside I will say is the low range. The small subwoofer has a difficult time with some of my music when played at higher volumes. I don't listen to much rap or heavy bass music, but when I do, its easy to see the shortcomings of these little speakers. If there was one other thing I'd change, its the power button being located at the bottom, on the back side of the subwoofer unit. It is hard to reach, especially considering mine is tucked under a desk.


Lewisville, TX


lovely set of speakers


these have got to be my favorite pair of speakers - i really like the sounds that come from these, especially the balanced effect of bass and treble. Although it looks like octopus-shaped speakers, it really performs very well, as it doesn't have any static in the speakers' sounds and you can place it equidistant from each other to provide that balanced effect. we used it at my workplace and it was a perfect, modern looking speaker set juxtaposed to the mac computer. the volume dial is on the speaker. the only thins is all the wires, if there was a way this was wireless that would rock. it's a nice decorative speaker as well, as it can be displayed as part of a decor. It surprised me to see how well the speakers carried the sound and bass given it size which surprised me. we went with the silver-ish color but last we checked they also had black and white options available. It's definitely worthwhile the investment. 


Denver, CO


One of the Greatest Christmas presents I have recieved!


I have had my JBL Creature Speakers for 3 years or maybe 4.  They were a Christmas present from my brother and I loved them then and still love them now. They are easy to use.  I usually hook them up to my laptop for watching movies and listening to music.  I also attach my iPod Shuffle (generation 1) up to them. The sound that comes out from them is great!  Nice strong, clear sounds that really makes my down time (what little I have) enjoyable and relaxing. The quality of the product is fantastic!  They have lasted this long and have been moved from three different homes. I have a hard time staying in one place.  I expect I will have them for at least another 4 years if not longer. Funny side note is the shape...everyone who sees them for the first time get a kick out of the shape.  I say it looks like the ghosts off of PacMan or Darth Vader's helmet (specially if you have a black set.)  Mine are white. The other colors I know of are blue (kind of a denim), red, silver and grey.  There might be more All I can say is a must have!


Olympia, WA


JBL - Creature Computer Speaker System

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