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JBL Center Speaker

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JBL S Center: Good sound for the money


JBL S Center: Good sound for the money We bought this center channel speaker as a set from craigslist. The S Center really means "Studio" Center. This is from JBL's Studio series speakers made in the early 2000's. We have this paired with a set of JBL S412 as the front channel towers and S38 bookshelf speakers and the rear channel. Different from the others, I dont like the fact that this speaker has a plastic moulded cabinet. It sounds decent for the type of cabinet its in, but I favor traditional wood or baffle cabinets as they resonate less than plastic cabinets. Wood also gives the sound a warmth and mellowness that the plastic lacks. The dual 5 and quarter drivers deliver good sound and the titanium tweeter and mid provide good mids and highs. I would personally like a 6 and half based driver setup to get more bass. To compensate for the lack of extreme low end, we have a second subwoofer which works on the center channel.  

Jacksonville, FL


JBL Center Speaker

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