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JASON Hand and Body Cream

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Soothe your skin naturally


 This is marketed as natural and organic containing aloe vera, vitamins A, C and E and herbal extracts.  Thus, there are no synthetic preservatives or fragrances.  And for those of us that care, the company does no animal testing and uses no animal by-products.   I have found this cream to be excellent for dry skin, especially on calloused parts like heels and elbows.  It is a soothing product that nourishes and has UV protection.  Very reasonably priced.  

Palm Coast, FL


loving Jason natural body lotion


I have really sensitive skin so I tend to stay away from products with really harsh ingredients. I was not really satisfied with the natural lotion that I was using so I started shopping around for a new one and came accross Jason brand of natural body lotion. The first thing i really liked was the fact that it really was not that expensive. It smells great and goes on really smooth, it is not really oily and it also does not dry out really fast. the fragrance stays on all day and it is not overpowering. it is free from all the hasher ingredients so it does not irritate my sensitive skin. I like it a lot and also feels great using it on my three year old daughter. it is a wonderful product and I would recommend.

Latonia, KY


Natural ingredients and fragrance make this Jason lotion nice.


I was given several tubes of this Jason lavender hand and body lotion as a gift.  I really like the fragrance and the natural ingredients.  The moisturing ability of the lotion, however, is just average.   That the ingredients are 70% organic is commendable.  After water, lavender and aloe are the next main ingredients, which is also a plus.  There are many other extracts like green tea, marigold, macadamia, a myrtle extracts added as well.  Because of the extensive variety of ingredients, it might pose an allergic risk for people with sensitive skin.   However, the fact that this lotion does not contain petrolatum is a big positive.  It is healthier to put plant-sourced oils and waxes on one's skin. Considering how expensive JASON products tend to be, I doubt I will buy it for myself.  However, I continue to use the tubes that I have without problems.  If I need more serious skin therapy, I simply turn to another brand.  This lotion is fine for everyday use though.

Lincoln, NE


JASON Hand and Body Cream

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