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J.A. Henckels
J.A. Henckels Knife Set

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Top of the line cutlery for SURE!


Absolutely fabulous in use design and appearance. Comfort Totally comfortable hardwood grips, excellent! Performance Like a dream - best knives you will ever own! Durability You just may give these to your grandkids - WELL BUILT!! Design Functional and beautiful cutlery! Worth the price premium.




These knives are as sharp and useful today as they were yesterda


The Henkles kitchen knives have lasted me over 5 years with no dulling whatsoever. They come out of the dishwasher very shiny and clean. My only criticism of the knives is that fact that a couple of them have some rust spots on them. These can be removed with an brillo/type pad with no problem. Other than that the knives are a great investment.


Westborough, MA


these knives are amazing, everyone should own a set


Henckels knives are high quality tools that every kitchen should have. You don't have to be a chef to appreciate the quality of the knives With an assortment of sizes for a variety of uses Henckels knives are versatile and highly applicable for the tasks at hand. As a budget counsious mother of two, the the purchase of the knives are an investment. They are pricey, no doubt, but well worth it. Beats spending a lot of money on many knives of other brands that do not stand up to thier claims. Henckels knives are a good value for the price and well worth owning.


Charlotte, NC




As a gift last year i recieved a set of J.A. Henkles Twin Cuisine knives.  All i have to say is that i absolutely love these knives.  My parents have Henkles knives as well but they are the set of lower quality ones.  The are the one man.  These knives are the two man and they are the second top of the line model that the compnay sells.  These knives we know will last us a lifetime.  They also are very appealing and modern looking.  They are black and stainless steal.  The best thing about Hrnkles knives are that they make many different lines of knives.  Basic ones, middle quality, great quality, and then top of the line.  The only drawback to the Twin Cusine is that they are a little heavier than the average knife.  And i notice that when i am chopping or cutting stuff for a while my hand gets a little tired.  That is the only drawback of these knives.  So if you would like top of the line knives your best bet is to go with henkles. ;)


Reno, NV


You won't regret a dime you spent


If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen like I do, you know that a good knife is priceless.  We registered for these knives for our wedding, and, as a researcher by nature, we knew we were registering for quality.  Five years later, this set is still cutting strong, sharp as can be, and usefull beyond measure. Henckles has become a name that we trust and that we will turn to if we ever need to buy a new set. We have the 10 piece set along with the 8 piece steak knife set, although we purchased the higher quality ones (I think it has two little guys on the knife rather than one).   We love every single piece that came with it.  They stay sharp for so long and they sharpen really easily as well.  We use the sharpener that came with the set occassionally, but we have also taken them in to get professionally sharpened and they were like new!  They are great quality and we have yet to have any issues with any of the knives in the set. LOVE LOVE LOVE them.  They are worth every penny.


Mesa, AZ


i'll never buy another brand!


i've had the same ja henckels knife set for the last 10 years that i've been married.  when i was getting ready for my wedding shower, i was faced with  choosing all of the necessities for my new kitchen and had to pick knives.  i had gone to register with my mom who had never really had a great brand of knives in her kitchen so she really didn't have any great advice for what to pick.  so armed with a registry scanner gun, i headed towards cutlery and the ja henckels knives happened to be on sale.  it seemed like a pretty good deal for a nice set, although more than i had planned to spend or would have wanted to spend on myself.  but since it was for the registry, i went for it and hoped for the best. i figured at that price they must be pretty decent.  well, it was a great decision.  none of the knives have dulled at all and we use the a lot!  the steak knives are super nice!  i can't complain at all and love them


Harrison City, PA


Changes your cooking


I have the International Classic 15 piece set. I had no idea how chefs on TV could cut the way they did until I got these knives. I still have a long way to go but we LOVE them. We picked these based on their reputation and ease of holding. They haven't disappointed. This block also comes with steak knives and scissors that we use all the time. They do require sharpening but it isn't really a pain at all.


Bethlehem, PA


The only knife you will ever buy in your lifetime -- AWESOME


My x husband was goijng to school  to be a chef  in St Augustine, FL years ago when I was only 22 years old. We were on a tight tight really tight budget and he insisted we purchase these outrageously expensive knives.  I fell inl love with them they are truely the best and the only knife that anyone who can afford to spend money on quality should buy.  They sharpen up easily with the stone which rarely has to be used if they are taken care of properly and never placed in a dishwasher and wiped off with a cloth and replaced in the block after use.  They have to be handled with respect and they will give you more than you ever expected from a knife.  Be careful when chopping they are sooooo sharp that you can cut yourself and not even know you are cut, yes they are THAT sharp and keep the sharp edge without having to have them sharpened professionally.  It a must have for any culinary enthusiast or up and coming chef or professional currently working in the field.


Las Vegas, NV


Henckels knives are the one kitchen tool I can not imagine being


Although Henckels knives are initially expensive, they can last a lifetime. I was given a set of 4 star knives over 30 years ago and not a day goes by that I do not use at least one of them. They are easily sharpened with a steel and keep their edge for a very long time. I have bought other knives through the years and most of them get dull quickly or the handles eventually break. The Henckels knives come with a lifetime guarantee and they honor it! I once dropped one of my knives and it broke. I sent it in but expected to have a problem- I didn't have a receipt or packaging or anything at all, and was surprised when a new knife quickly arrived.


Portland, OR


Best knives I have ever used


**I love to cook and needed good knives.  I have tried many different kinds of knives over the years (I have worked as a chef) and Henckels are my favorite.  I purchased a set of Henkel Pro Series knives about 10 years ago and have been very satisfied.**


Warwick, RI


J.A. Henckels Knife Set

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