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Ivory Liquid Body Soap

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Freshened alternative to bar soap!


This soap is incredibly smooth and yummy smalling. I like the way it bubbles up really well vs. the Ivory bar soap, which I don't particularly enjoy. Bar soap will never be the same anymore for me after using Ivory liquid soaps. It is a bummer that there is only one scent, but that scent smells awesome, so I am not complaning. I also enjoy the simple white and green design on the bottle. It is cost-efficient because there is no bright colors on the bottle, and there is no harsh dyes in the soap itself. The scent is light and flowery, perfect if you are not someone who enjoys fruity scents. I think this brand will become more popular now that they do offer a no dye liquid body wash. Even Ivory's font style which they use to advertise, label, and manufacture their soap with is appealing. It is one of my favorite fonts. Ivory has also made me think about how much dyes are in other soaps which you buy.

Springfield, MO


Amazing product for the price.


I'll admit, i'm not a fan of Ivory Bar Soap but after trying the Ivory liquid body soap, i was really impressed.  It is half the price of the other soaps out there and the scents are light and fresh.  Give it a try.  I think you'll like it too!  The container looks good too, if that matters to you.  Ivory is surely stepping in line with the other major brands out there.  Good for you!

North Charleston, SC


Ivory Liquid Body Soap

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